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Adelaide to Perth

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by dingo1, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Anybody done a trip from Adelaide to Perth and back again. Dreaming of doing the 'Big Lap' one day but it's a dream at this stage a trip west is far more achievable and realistic at this point. For those who have done it, how did you go? is it boring as? did you camp or stay in pubs/hotels and how long did you take for the journey...etc etc


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  3. Did Newcastle to Perth a couple of years ago on a Ural combo. Took 4 days from Port Augusta to Perth, with overnight stops at Ceduna, Border Village and Norseman, staying in motels. Took the (gravel) short cut from Norseman to Hyden which knocks about 100km off the run to Perth.

    I was surprised at how non-boring the trip was, even at 80-90 km/h. Motels will cost you ~$100 a night. Fuel will reach or exceed $2 a litre and there is no guarantee thatr any given roadhouse will have any. I would want at least 300km of fuel autonomy, whether in the tank or as an additional can. Thinking about it, you need more than that if you do the Norseman-Hyden cut-off as it's 300+km between fuel stops on the gravel. If you go in winter, you will get cold and possibly wet. I hit some very thick cold fog at Border Village, a torrential downpour coming into Norseman and sub zero temperatures at both Ceduna and Norseman. Stick Cheng Shin tyres on as it would be a shame to wear out something decent in a straight line.

    All in all, I think it's a trip every Australian rider should do once. Whether you do it again is up to you.
  4. and if you look down to the bottom of this page you'll see "similar threads"

    like stromgirls trip


    there are other trips through this Touring, and Riding Diaries section of the forum and it fails me that people keep coming in and asking the same questions when all of hte information is right in front of them...

    the other thing is people putting up links to other sites as answers... say what? there is a ton of information RIGHT HERE if you only take the time to look a little... it can't be that hard, or is it???

    think of different possible options on how you would like to do it and then test it by going on over nighters or weekends... especially if you decide to take the camping option...

    i also have another trip on here where me and the mrs did a trip up through to Darwin... have a look for that trip, ... its around here close by...

    but most of all... stop dreaming and start DOING ... ;)

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  6. Thanks fellow riders for the good info...inspiring!
  7. Well time has caught up with us, leaving for Perth early November. Bike has new tyres , serviced although been back to shop after service cause doing things that is wasn't doing before service was performed ! Got some throw over luggage, hiking tent, cooker etc etc and two mates on bikes as well. Looking forward to our adventure...
  8. can you put up a pic of your setup? :)
  9. No worries, haven't loaded up yet, but will get some photos through at some stage when all sorted.
  10. Hi Dingo,

    I live in Adelaide and would love to ride to Perth and back one day. Let me know when you're leaving. Wouldn't mind meeting you and seeing you off on your journey!


  11. Have done trip to Perth and back again, was awesome. Over a period of almost 2 weeks and completed around 6700km, covering around 600-700km a day with doing 900km !!! on one day, that was a long day. We camped in caravan parks as a shower was most welcomed at the end of the day, carried all our gear on the bikes from food, water, tent, extra fuel, tools , etc All bikes performed faultlessly, thanks to all been serviced before leaving and new tyres fitted. The trip itself was in no way boring due to ever changing scenery and the people you meet along the way, especially those crazy cyclist doing the same trip as us and covering around 100km a day.

    The route we took was Adelaide to Perth via Highway One , then for the return leg we headed down south to take in Albany, Pemberton and Esperance absolutely stunning scenery and some of the best motorcyle roads in Australia. We had fine weather all the time apart from one day of bucketing rain in Perth but by then we had already settled in for a few days.

    Definitely would do it again but probably on a different bike as my XJR being naked you do cop the wind. So if anybody is thinking about doing the journey go ahead it's a blast.

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  12. congrats on getting out there and doing it!

    what were the different types of bikes in your group?
  13. Great stuff! Looking to do this next year ;)
  14. I've always wanted to do a ride such as this. I've done MEL-SYD-MEL twice(and some points in between, some further North, eg Mudgee), The Great Alpine Rd to Lakes Entrance and back (twice) etc etc. Adelaide was always to be my next.
    Count me in, though is anyone setting off from Melbourne ? :)
    And yes, I'll be half as adventurous as the cyclists, my ride most probably being the Gixxer !
  15. I've known people to say that it’s boring going across the Nullarbor... well, actually, only one person and come to think of it she’s a bit stuck up anyways and most likely wouldn’t talk to anyone...

    But anywho... I found the same as you.. ever changing scenery and friendly people willing to have a chat... its amazing... I luv that picture of the campsite I feel like hitting the road for a bit of a trip myself!! (https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=88269 )

    I always HIGHLY recommend a windshield for any tourer... its a must for comfort... especially if you happen to be riding above the “recommended “ speed limit ;)

    When we did our NSW tour earlier this year on the GSX (https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=111564 ) we got our new windshield in the post the day before and I fitted it the night before we left and I tell you, if I did have it I’d have turned around and come back home of the first day!!

    Some nice high speed sweepers between Perth and Albany.. excellent roads!
  16. firetiger,

    Pardon my ignorance on the roads westward of Adelaide, but what is the speed limit - 110 ? Your mention of nice high sweepers between Perth and Albany is irresistible !
  17. umm, yes, 110 speed limit...

    but i remember on one day between Eucla and Norseman i cruised on around 130 k all day long... the longest and straightest roads of australia.. i was on a rocket III and the revs were only around 3000 i think from memory.. you should check out my Tour Notes.... to this day thats been my best ever days ride...

    in the NT the speed limits get up to 130kph... but watch your fuel consumption..

    when i say high speed cornering i mean aprox 100 kph... most bikers talk about twisties like down on the GOR but you are only travelling at around 60kph... on the main road between Albany and Freo you can sit on about 110 to maybe a little quicker just sweeping though the forests for hours.. man, its a sweet ride... many bikers down that way travel on that stretch..
  18. Sounds really tempting ! All I need is 1-2 weeks off and this could be a real goer. Though with rising temperatures approaching, I might have to substitute the leathers for a mankini... :) (yeah right)
    I've read lots of your riding diaries mate and they have inspired me to do he above rides I mentioned, possibly waking 'the hornets nest'.
    I remember reading a story of a guy riding LONG distances (anyone?) on his R1, which was pretty much totalled at the end of his epic journey....that'll be me on a sportsbike, one day....
    Keep up the great, inspirational write-ups mate.
  19. Thanks for all your comments. On the ride the bikes where XJR1300, FJR1300 and a HD Road King and surprisingly when we stopped for fuel along the way all bikes where pretty similar in consumption. WA highway speed limit is 110km/hr and only on WA soil for 30 min and one of us was pulled over for going a little faster ?? but luckily just got a warning, in SA probably would have crushed your bike or taken your house !! As Firetiger commented its the people and the stories that add to the journey, for me it was only a two week break but the memories will last forever. And after I got home, went for a ride on the next two days with my partner as the weather was fine and just couldn't pass it up, as bike riders we just love to ride!