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Adelaide to Moranbah with my daughter Easter 2012

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Bandit Chook, Jan 1, 2014.

  1. I have posted this trip report on another forum previously, I'll break it down to a post per day of travel.

    In early 2012 I bought my first new bike for 21 years, as much as I loved my old bike I didn't have the confidence in taking it on long distance trips any more, especially 2up.

    Pretty much as soon as I knew I was getting a new bike I asked my other 1/2 if she'd like to ride up to Moranbah to visit one of my best mates, no chance, she claimed "my bum is too fat to travel that far on a bike any more, so I asked my then 18 yo son, nah, "I'd rather hang with my mates", before I even asked my daughter much to the horror of her mum, she blurted out "I'll go"

    A few months later, a heap of km 2up on the bike to "train our butts" and a whole new set of riding gear for Kaylah and we were ready to go.

    Day 1, Easter Sunday, 2012, Adelaide to Hay (left with less than 2000 km on the new Bandit)

    We had had a lot of nice weather in Adelaide for weeks leading up to Easter but it was freezing when we hit the road at 6:30am, and it looked like it was threatening to rain.

    I had fitted Scala head sets for the trip, they were great, could chat to each other, answer the phone, listen to radio or ipod. We hit the South Eastern Freeway out of Adelaide, as soon as we got through the Heysen Tunnels the drizzle started, I thought it was going to be a long wet ride but it stopped in a matter of minutes.

    1st stop was earlier than intended, a toilet stop at Tailem Bend, then it was back on the bike 'till Pinnaroo where we stopped for fuel.

    Back on the road and a quick pull over to show we had left SA

    ......and then it was on to Ouyen for fuel for us and the bike, after crossing into NSW at Tooleybuc we kept going and had our last stretch of the legs and fuel stop at Balranald

    Then the exciting leg of the ride (not) the Hay plains, this was just after the floods and there was still water laying everywhere, I'd never seen this part of the world so green, despite all of the water, it was starting to heat up and we were glad to be down to the bare basic safety gear. We arrived in Hay mid afternoon, I had pre booked a night at the Riverina Hotel, $35 a night for a double and they had they bike locked up in a carport for me, awesome value!

    That was it for day 1, I'll keep adding as I have time
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  2. Day 2, Hay - Coonamble

    We left Hay about 1/2 hour after Sunrise, it was bloody cold so we had put all our wet weather gear on again to help keep the chill out, a good thing we did, had to ride through flowing flood water for about 200m, around 30km before Goolgowi.
    We had been told being Easter Monday we would struggle to get fuel between Goolgowi and West Wyalong, I was still sussing out how far I could stretch a tank full of fuel so I wasn't keen on taking a chance, arrived in Goolgowi and the servo wasn't open 'till 9am public holidays, so waited to 55 minutes for the pumps to be turned on

    We finally hit the road again to find Rankine Springs would have been open for fuel

    I had originally planned to go through Dubbo, a local suggested I turn off at Tomingley and go through Narromine, a couple of km longer but didn't have to spend all that time going through Dubbo

    Arrived at Coonamble, we were booked into the Commercial Hotel ($60 a twin, up stairs with the bike behind locked gates and security cameras) That night we caught up with "rjs" (from the australianbandits forum), and his family for tea at the local bowling club
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  3. Day 3, Coonamble to Injune

    Again we left just after sunrise, it was a fresh morning, Kaylah put her liner back in her jacket for the start, I thought I would tough it out for the 1st hour or so, 1st fuel stop was Walgett, then it was back on the road towards QLD.
    On this stretch we encountered a lot more wildlife than the previous days, in one spot we slowed for a bull coming down the hill and crossing the road, suddenly it stopped on the centre line and eyeballed us, a few toots of the horn and it was gone.
    2nd fuel stop for the day was at Hebel, just over the border from NSW, the only fuel available was at the local Pub, Diesel and Standard ULP both @ $189.9 l , $15 was enough to get us to St George where we filled up with Premium

    We were booked into the Injune Hotel for the night, our most expensive night in a pub room ($90) but it ended up being great value, we had 2 adjoining rooms and the room next door was a stocked kitchen where we could prepare our own toast or cereal etc for breakfast.
  4. a couple more Pic's of the room at the Injune Pub


    Day 4, Injune to Moranbah

    After a great night's sleep and a good feed before we left it was back on the road for the last leg of our trips to stay with my mate in Moranbah, the shortest day by a couple hundred km. By now the weather was cool mornings and very warm in the afternoon. We had a lot of stops at roadworks where they were rebuilding after the floods. 1st stop was Rolleston, then on to Springsure. We saw a lot more wild life that morning, encountering every thing from Roos, wallabies, Cattle, Eagles etc. That stretch of road was awesome, great scenery with gentle winding roads.

    We stopped for lunch in Emerald, then it was onto Capella, a quick fuel stop in Clermont before the final stretch to Moranbah. We rang my mate from Clermont to let him know how far away we were to find out he had forgotten to leave the key out for us, and wouldn't get off work early like he'd hoped to.
    About 30 minutes from Clermont we were stuck at roadworks for about 20 minutes, got talking to the lolly pop man, he said they were up there from Adelaide, earning 3x what he'd get home working on flood repair sites.

    After approx. 2500 KM in 4 days, we were ready for something more comfy than a concrete driveway to rest our bums on, after an hour and a half wait for Matt to get home it was time for a well earned shower and rest

    With about 4500 on the clock and over 1000km 'till to go before the bikes 6000km was booked in to be done at Brisbane, I wasn't sure if the original Dunlop rear tyre would get me there so we decided to put the bike in the shed for the next 6 days and do all the touring in Matt's twin cab and hope for the best with the back tyre's remaining life.
  5. We arrived in Moranbah on the Wednesday after Easter

    ...........was a veg/relax day, went for a bit of a drive in Matt's ute while he was at work, cleaned the bike etc

    ............we went bush touring with matt, he took us North of Moranbah on some roads that were no more than a dirt track, then across to Nebo, down to his work at Peak Downs mine and home

    ............we went for a drive into MacKay where Matt was living last time the whole family went up in Oct 2002, at the Moranbah turn off from the Hwy we came across this rolled over Road Train

    they were still cleaning up the mess 8 hours later when we were coming home

    MacKay was nice, it has changed a fair bit in the 10 years since we were there before Matt moved out to the mines

    The trip home nearly ended in disaster for a car in front of us, the Commodore had just got back in when the oncoming wide load came past

    Sunday and Monday
    ............were just spent cleaning the bike, relaxing catching up with washing etc before the journey home began
  6. Day 10 Moranbah to Gayndah

    Moranbah to Gayndah was just a long hot days ride, with heaps of roadworks it took a couple of hours longer than we expected, it was nice to get into a cabin at the caravan park in Gayndah and relax. There had been heavy rain from the Sunshine Coast down to Brisbane for days, they were expecting more of the same tomorrow.

    Day 11 Gayndah to Gold Coast and back up to Brisbane's Northern Suburbs

    The weather was awesome when we left Gayndah but by the time we hit Kilkivan, down it came, we were lucky to be able to pull over, get under cover and get all the wet weather gear on staying dry............10 minutes down the road it stopped and by the time we got into Gympie we were cooking and couldn't wait to get it all off again. Morning tea break @ Macca's and it was back on the road

    Although we were staying with a mate from school in Brisbane's Northern suburbs we had decided to go straight down to DJR's museum, somewhere I've wanted to go for a long time, then down to Shark Leathers for a look before heading up to Eatons Hill to stay with a mate from school and his dog.

    When we arrived at Eatons Hill and let ourselves into Chris's back yard and bar we were greated by his "guard dog". Chris and I hadn't seen each other for 29 years (his 18th), plenty of Jacks and a whole lot of reminiscing done that night, Kaylah and I had the luxury of a room each with Queen beds.....bliss!!!
  7. Day 12 Brisbane

    I had the bike booked in at 7:00am for it's 6000km service (10 weeks after I picked it up) and a new back tyre, went the Michelin PR3, looking for a bit more than 5500km from the next one.

    Brisbane Motorcycles looked after us really well, gave us a loan bike to get around on, I felt sorry for the little GS500 on some of those Brisbane hill starts with 2 of us

    After we dropped the bike off we went back to Chris's and got a heap of washing done, we also worked out how many of our clothes we didn't need for the return trip, instead of washing them we packaged them up and posted them home, much to the amusement of the post office staff!!

    Picked the bike up, nice and clean, new rubber on the rear (the Dunlop had a bald strip in the middle after 5600km) and headed into the city for lunch with my auntie, then we just cruised around and did a bit o sight seeing before heading back to Chris's for the evening/night.

    We probably should have stayed in Brissy at least 1 more day but as it was Kaylah was going to miss the 1st 2 days of the school term before we got back
  8. Day 13, Brisbane to Scone

    The day was always going to be a long one, it was planned that way so we would have plenty of time to soak up the Bylong Valley way and Bathurst the next day so we wher hoping for minimal delays.....yeh right!.

    We left Brisbane earlier than most of our starts, we rode out of Chris's driveway knowing we had a good 1 + hours of city riding, so we weren't so concerned with the wildlife.
    It was already 26 deg and very humid when we left, following the GPS through the suburbs made it a relatively easy trip from Eatons Hill to Ipswich then on to the NSW border at Tenterfield.

    We went from warm and very sticky to bloody cold as we climbed Cunningham's Gap, at Warwick we had a late breakfast stop and put the liners back in our jackets, a quick fuel stop at Tenterfield and it was good bye to QLD as we crossed into NSW

    At Armidale we topped up the tank to give us enough fuel to get to Scone, a quick stretch at Tamworth and we were back on the road for the final stretch for the day, just a leg stretch at Tamworth to get us there (or so we thought)

    Just out of Murrurundi we came across more road works, after 20 minutes of waiting 4 or 5 cars back I snuck up the side and asked the lolly pop man what the hold up was, one of the road plant had broken down while closing up for the day blocking the only open lane, just what we needed with just 35km to go in a 720km day :mad:
    After a 45 minute wait we finally got going again, arrived at the Royal Hotel and settled in for the night.
  9. Day 14, Scone to Young via The Bylong Valley Way & Bathurst

    We waited for the fog to settle for a while but it just got heavier and heavier, we intended to cut straight across to the Bylong Valley Way from Scone but in the fog we missed the turn off and ended up in Muswellbrook, there I dug the GPS out which took me on a wild goose chase the first time, did a big circle in pea soup fog, once we were back where we had already been it seemed to sort itself out and took us the right way. We hit the Bylong Valley way about an hour later than intended, it was foggy right up to when we turned onto the way, then in the next 5 minutes to our relief the fog lifted, the ride from there to Kandos was one of the most enjoyable I have ever done, it had every thing, scenery, long high speed sweepers, real tight stuff and some good old normal windy roads

    After a stretch of the legs and some fuel at Rylestone it was onto Bathurst for lunch and a look around Mt Panorama and the motor racing museum

    After a few hours soaking up Mt Panorama and the museum it was back on the road for the final 180km to Young, walked into the front bar of the Great Eastern Hotel to see the Mighty Bombers knock off Carlton, then a quick look on the net to find my 1st love in footy, the North Adelaide Roosters (SANFL) had knocked off the reigning premiers, Woodville - West Torrens by plenty. The weather was starting to cool down as we went South, the next day was forecasting showers most of the way, not bad considering we had only had a little bit the whole time we had been away.
  10. a couple more pic's at Bathurst
  11. Day 15, Young to Logan (Vic)

    The 2nd to last day of our trip, a quick breakfast at Macca's (only the 2nd while we were away) we hit the road just after day break. The weather was threatening so it was on with all the wet weather gear, between Young and Temora we had a few spots, then before Narrandera we had a couple of heavier showers, they didn't last long and by the time we reached Narrandera it was warming up and the sky was clear. The riding for the 1st part of the day was reletavively uninspiring although it was good to see some more of this great country that I had never seen before.

    A fuel stop and stretch of the legs it was back on the bike, the roads were becoming flatter, straighter and much more boring, we had a stop at Jerilderie where we came across an old fella on a Royal Enfield on his way home to Deniliquin from a Rally in Gilgandra, it was a late model copy but still a fair effort on something like that

    Then it was back on the Bandit, time to keep moving, we crossed the border into Victoria at Echuca and decided it was time for lunch.

    Heading towards Bendigo in awesome sunshine and all of a sudden we could see a massive storm front approaching, we made it in to Rochester pulled over quickly and put our wet weather gear on, by the time we got back on the bike it was bucketing down and blowing a gale, the weather lasted until about 1/2 way between Elmore and Bendigo, when we got to Bendigo we stopped for a bit of a breather before the last stint to the Logan Pub, I found this place on the internet looking for Pub style accommodation, their accommodation is actually basic cabins with caravan park style showers and toilets. It is located abut 23km the Bendigo side of St Arnaud

    When I booked I was told $55 a double including hot cooked breakfast, can't beat that for value. We arrived and wandered into the front bar of the only building in "town" to find a bar full of locals enjoying the footy and a cold frothy one, we booked in, got comfy in our cabin (large room, 2 beds with electric blankets), we went back into the pub for a couple of drinks and settled the room bill, we were only charged $50, $3-50 beers over the bar were cheap as well, basic, but great value!!!!
  12. Day 16, Logan to Adelaide.................................... the last day of our journey

    We woke early to the sound of heavy rain on the roof, we headed into the pub for the monster breakfast wondering if the supply of fresh cooked food would ever end. The rain was heavy and looked very set and it was cold.............bloody cold, we put on all of our warmest gear and all our wet weather gear, I left the lambs wool seat cover on for the padding but covered it with a garbage bag put a plastic bag over the GPS, and off we headed for home.

    25 km into the trip we stopped to fuel up at St Arnaud, it had rained all the way into town. We had originally planned on heading over to Horsham and taking the Western Hwy/Dukes Hwy all the way home, a local suggested that we would be better off heading across to Warracknabeal then heading down to meat the Western Hwy at Dimboola to avoid a lot of road works, the rain eased off for a bit around Donald but by the time we got to Warracknabeal it was bucketing down, by the time we hit the Western Hwy just before Dimboola it was heavier again.

    As we were pulling up at the intersection of the Hwy I went to use a bit of back brake as well, the pedal was nice and hard but the bake did nothing to help slow us down, I wasn't stopping in the wet to see what was going on, so I turned on to the Hwy riding on unsealed clay based road works was a bit slippery , we hit the edge of town and the rain just got heavier again so I decide to pull into a servo, get out of the weather for a bit, top up fuel and suss out the back brake.

    The back brake was soon fixed, the garbage bag on the seat cover had slipped down and got between the pads and rotor. Kaylah was freezing, her hands were blue, her previously waterproof winter gloves had leaked and were soaked like a sponge, her only other gloves, mesh summer ones.

    We had planned on stopping to catch up with Rellies at Nhill, family friends at Bordertown and Rellies at Coonalpyn, as the weather was so shitty we decided to skip Nhill and head for lunch at Bordertown, about Kaniva the rain let up, Kaylah's gloves started to dry out and her hands were feeling warmer, we had a quick stop at the parking bay on the border for a couple of pic's in the rare sunshine the the last 15 or so km into Bordertown

    We had a nice lunch and thaw out with family friends in Bordertown, I packed Kaylah's still wet gloves away, duct taped plastic bags over her summer gloves and she had toasty warm hands for the rest of the day. We headed off again, through my old home town Keith without stopping, a quick refuel at another town I grew up in, Coonalpyn then it was non stop 'till we got home. The weather had stayed ok from the border to Coomandook, soon after Coomy the wind got stronger and the rain fell more regularly, this part of the ride was to prove the worst for our entire trip.

    On the South Eastern Freeway, coming up out of the Valley from Callington, we came out of a cutting without realising how strong the wind had gotten, we were blown across the road from the LH fog line to the RH emergency stopping lane, luckily there were no other vehicles near us, I slowed down to about 80 for the rest of the trip, as we headed further into the Adelaide Hills the wind died down a bit (to just gale force) but by Mt Barker the rain was teaming down, it stayed like that until we entered the Hysen Tunnels and as it often does, when we exited the tunnels there was sunshine and no rain, just lots of wind.

    About 35 minutes after coming through the tunnels we were home, after 16 days (15 of them awesome, the last a right bastard of a day) our journey was over, all 6,500km of it on the bike + another 1500 in my mates ute,

    It was a great experience, and we've both promised each other it won't be the last, we plan to do Adelaide to Perth to Darwin to Alice Springs to Uluru to Adelaide, (was going to be 2013 or 2014 but Kaylah was selected in a dance troupe to tour China last Sept, that pretty much used up the travel budget for a while) hopefully we'll have at least one more bike with us for that trip, once again we'll be doing it on a budget staying in what ever cheap accommodation we can find.

    After a nice hot shower some clean warm clothes the one bad day seemed to fade into just a distant memory, and the previous 15 more than out weighed the last day, this was the end of the best school holidays I have spent with either of my kids.
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  13. Awesome write up BC ! Really cool that you were able to experience it with your daughter , if that hasn't put the motorcycle touring bug in her then nothing will !
  14. she turns 16 in September and is already looking for a bike ;)
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  15. Bandit Chook, that was a good read, thanks for sharing, l plan on doing that sort of riding in the future, not sure when though, l have a nephew and niece in catherine and darwin and would love to ride up and see them, taking in some of the sights along the way that l saw years ago on a school coach tour. Picking up my new VFR 800 Honda next week so that will be the bike l will be using, all pretty exciting, once again, thanks for sharing your experience with everyone.:riding:
  16. my pleasure M B, enjoy the touring when you get around to it and remember something a wise old motorcyclist told me a few years ago, it's not so much about the destination, but the journey
  17. My ideal would be a tour down to Tassie and around the island and back. Not sure I could do it with a pillion though. She's a tough kid to be scrunched up that much for so long at a time. Nice read, thank you.
  18. That was a fantastic read.
    I did a similar ride in 2010, from Dysart near Moranbah to Tassie and return.
    And as luck would have it, I will be riding to Tassie again early 2015.
  19. I really enjoyed reading that. Reminded me of my own ride, but with the missus. Geraldton to Tassie and back. Thanks for sharing. I hope to do the "half loop" before you get to it. Will post about it if we do.