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Adelaide to Jamieson

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Eric, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. In the morning we will start our ride to Jamieson.We will ride the back roads to Stawell tomorrow. And then stay for a couple of days with friends at Jamieson. On the way home we will stay at Halls Gap for two days.

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  2. Enjoy your ride.
  3. Enjoy the road trip...

    Don't forget to take pics...

  4. You are probably on your way so may not get this post but I hope you are taking the signature Eilden - Jamieson road. If not you are missing an experience.
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    Well, the trip was strated from Adelaide on Friday with cloulds in the sky, so the camera was put away. The 1984 Goldwing was our bike for this trip and we alway take the roads that are less traveled. So the first day was though Wellington-Kingston-Naracourte-Horsham and overnight at Stawell.
    Saturday morning had us riding through Ararat to Avoca for breakfast. We try to stop at small places to help keep them running.

    Ok, I know how to ride a bkie but I am a knob at computors and forums. Could someone let me know how to post a photo on here.
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  6. There are two ways, you can link to an external site that hosts the photo, or you can upload a picture to the site. Link to external is the little picture of a Mountain in the group of icons in your editor. To upload the button at the bottom "Upload a File"
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    Lets see if I can put some photos from Ararat

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    My wife is very good at taking photos on the run from the back of the wing. The next photo is taken just outsid of Ararat on the move.


    Thankyou Chris, I think I have that worked out now.

    After breakfast at Avoca we push on until we were pulled over by the police that checked everything before sending us on our way. This is the first time in 7 years to be pulled over. He said that too many retured rider like me were getting killed. Well that was nice to know.

    We went through some real back country of which we have seen before but for those that have not see the Redesdale Bridge, here it is.


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    We had a stop at Heathcote and even had a Ram in the front street. This never happens in SA


    One of the joys for this trip was getting to ride the Eildon to Jamieson road again. 62 km of corners, some higher speed and some low speed corners. And you had better read them right.


    Today we road from Jamieson To Halls Gap and will spend tomorow looking around as it has been some time since we were last here
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