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Adelaide road advice: Robe to Adelaide via Strathalbyn??

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Hellooo Adelaideans.

    I'm taking a long ride to Adelaide soon and the last leg sees me starting from Robe.

    From Robe to Adelaide looks pretty dull if I stick to the main road, but I'm considering veering off at Wellington [after having stopped at the Meningie bakery for a bite] and heading into town via Strathalbyn... based on my maps it looks like a nice stretch of road.

    Question is, do I go Strath to Mt Barker and rejoin the freeway there, OR, Strath to Stirling and join the freeway there??????

    The latter looks longer and more fun!!! :cool:

    What sort of road conditions are we talking about though?? Tarmac, dirt, bumpy as hell, twisty switchbacks??? What about civilisation/fuel???

    Your advice will be gratefully accepted and considered.


  2. Here's pic of the proposed fun route.

  3. ok, my own experience travelling the south east is this:

    We didn't start at Robe, we started at Kingston S.E.
    Travelled up the coorong, which while straight mainly had an AWESOME view. was great country to ride through.

    we took the turnoff at wellington, through to strath, through to stirling, then through to hahndorf, then Birdwood, Gumeracha, chain of ponds, turned off at Houghton, then through to grand junction rd.

    Didn't see the freeway at all.

    Was a MUCH more interesting ride, lots of 80kph zones with lots of twisties. No reason to hit the freeway really unless you're short on time. if you want to take the freeway cause it will bring you out closer to where you're staying, i'd go strath, stirling, hahndorf, freeway.
  4. Strath to Mt Barker is reasonably straight and fast.

    You find more twisties by going to Echunga.
    From there, if you want a fast straight road take the road to Hahndorf
    and join the freeway there.
    If you still want to twist and turn then go via Mylor and Aldgate into Stirling.
  5. Hey Edglet, thanks for that.

    I'm not after a speedy trip into Adelaide. Time is not the priority. I actually want to avoid the freeway, but since my final stop point is along Cross road, getting the freeway for the last bit makes it easy.

    Just ran your suggestion into the route planner... it back tracked along the freeway away from Adelaide???? :-k

    BRADDO, you're speaking my twisty language. I'm not after speeding up the trip, just whether I can have fun before joining the freeway. Your described route IS the route that looks like more fun... just wanted to get an idea of the condition of the road. Rough, bumpy, smooth, twisty delight, 50/50 mix sweep and straights??

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers :)
  6. ps I see how my first post wasn't very clear. Sorry folks! :)
  7. OK, it wasn't clear and after a long ride you may not have wanted a twistie course in.

    Road condition is generally good and well maintained throughout the Adelaide Hills.
    Strath is a sizeable town and will have a few fuel stations but will be slightly more expensive than Stirling (Woolworths and Shell) or Crafers (BP) who match Metro prices.
    Smaller towns (Macclesfield and Echunga) will have a good ol' 1950's garage if you're desperate.

    Mylor to Aldgate is a twistie heaven with lotsa hills, they run the Adelaide Car Rally race stages through this bit.

    Once you join the freeway at Stirling, you will go past Crafers and begin your downward decent. You will soon get to the "Eagle on the Hill" turnoff. Take that. The former main road into Adelaide, it is now virtually abandoned and it rejoins the freeway near the bottom. Careful though, the cops do patrol it sometimes as it is such a good run.


  8. Oh yeah baby! Hope the weather is kind!

    Thank you Brad. Just what I was after.

    I take it the cops aren't to prevalent on the said route?? [Our equivalent roads East of Melbourne have unmarked bike cops partolling on good weather days]

    From Robe to Adelaide via the route being discussed is 334kms. Might take in a 50's fuel stop for the experience!

    Looking forward to the views Edgelet talked about and the stretch of twisty heaven.


  9. nah, it's only a short stretch (4-5km) and I rarely see a cop on it but it has been used by revheads of both two and four wheel persuasions on weekends and nights, and there has been complaints from residents of illegal racing, but this has pretty much been stomped out from what I've heard.
  10. Hi Rob
    If your planning to take in the twistys out of Strath, get to Garage Motorcycles and ask for directions. Its a good place to stop as well. Bikes, Fuel and basic food. There's a lot of roads into Strath and things can get messy.
  11. sorry rob, got myself confused - cause I was posting while working & was very busy......
    i'll sit down with the map later & go through the route we took.
    basicly if you can get to birdwood, the trip down the hills through chain of ponds has great views.

    tip about travelling along the coorong (i.e robe to wellington) - the WILL be cops near Policemen's Point. When we went through there, there was a speed trap not far after it. lucky we had slowed a bit to admire the view & didn't get picked up!

    however that was the ONLY speed trap we saw. the road along the coorong is really smooth on a bike too (bumpy in a car though)

    just DO NOT stop at the giant lobster in Kingston as it SUCKS!
  12. LOL @ Edge! Giant anythings are so pfffffffft!

    Thanks for the tip about the police. What are they like in the hills?

    Sleepa - garage tip noted.



    ...I'm getting excited... :)
  13. Hi Rob,

    Can't speak for out on the open road, but thru the hills the way you are going (Strath-Macclesfield- Echunga- Mylor -Stirling) police are a rare event.

    The road surface on this route ranges from freshly laid bitumen thru bends to old stuff that's cracked but not potholed. Some of the shadier stretches of road have taken on a green tinge - presumably moss or similar but so far I've not had any slips. But be wary nevertheless.

    The posted speeds for bends range from 55 to 25 :grin:

    Do you expect to arrive on a weekday or weekend? If it's Sat or Sun let me know - I may be able to meet you in Strath and escort you.

    One last thing- if you travel the Echunga road between 3.30 and 5.00 and the sun is out you WILL get blinded thru a couple of bends.

    So, in summary - apart from cracked road surface, blinding sun, mossy growth and the occasional deadly slow driver in a hay wagon- I trust you will enjoy your stay :LOL:

  14. Hey Graeme, thanks mate. The current plan is to do that last leg on a friday arvo. Appreciate the heads up on road surface and plod status.

    Made a mental note about sunnies and/or dark visor.

    I'm not sure what my itinerary will be while in Adelaide... but if any one sees a gold ZX9R bike decked out with a huge speedbag on the back and probably a tank bag on front in the 2nd week of July, say g'day.