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Adelaide rider saying Hi

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by glyneoz, May 15, 2016.

  1. Been riding a couple of years now, love the big rides. Just completed another 1000km in 24 hours (done 4 of these) and a 1600km in a day ride 6 weeks ago! Managed 60,000km in 25 months so i dont do too bad... and only fallen off the previous bike once!
    Adelaide has some great places to get out to, some even a little closer to home too.
    Can often be seen riding around on my orange Harley Fat Bob too.

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  2. Hi there and welcome
  3. Welcome glyneozglyneoz, that's some awesome riding distances right there!
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  4. Howdy and weclome to NR glyneozglyneoz. :happy:
  5. gday glyneozglyneoz welcome to NR! you must go through a lot of tyres. love your avatar!
  6. G'day and welcome to NR from an Adelaide rider.
  7. Holy crap glyneozglyneoz 1600k's in a day........on a bike.........man that must be a pretty comfy bike!!!!
  8. Welcome glyneozglyneoz .... Buns of steel!! Hahaha well done on chewing the kms.
    You'll find plenty of good crazies here :)
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  9. Welcome to NR...

  10. welcome aboard :)
  11. Welcome from another Adelaide rider. Seeya around sometime (but not on a 1600km day ride !!:p).
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  12. Welcome to the forum. I don't suppose you have much time left to surf the interwebs? Or does the Harley come with an ipad on the tank attachment? :p
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  13. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  14. HDs have all mod-cons, mine even has a fuel gauge! :p
  15. Who needs a fuel guage?
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