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Adelaide Police With A New Ride?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bass_player, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Has anyone else here noticed police riding around on dark green or blue BMW's? I am unsure on the exact model but they look significantly different to the usual ones they ride, and also have the standard (or non-police) paint job. Saw one yesterday and today with a laser gun on South Rd coming up the hill at O'Halloran Hill.

  2. never seen it myself but i would suppose its not unlikely that cops go undercover on bikes, i mean they do it in cars so i would assume they do on bikes as well :?:
  3. yes and later this year they will all get busas and the new kawasaki 1400's ...: :] but seriously yes you are right ... ive seen a couple of blue ones around ... next time i see one ill have to pull over and talk to him about how quick it is etc : :]
  4. I don't know about south oz, but I've seen police in victoria on BMW K1200RS bikes with little hidden LED blue and red LED light arrays.

    I got a close look at one a couple of years back down at PI. No not booked, he was surrounded by a small group of interested motorcyclists chatting to them about the new bike :)
  5. yeah mate, i've seen about 6 so far.

    they had an article about it in the advertiser a couple of months ago.

    they look pretty nice!
  6. Don't laugh, this might come true, Gloucestershire police force in the UK have had a hayabusa since last year, thats one cop that really love going to work.

    and yes SA police are using unmarked bm's.
  7. Cops go unmarked
  8. apparently in sydney there are a couple of Fireblades puliing people over - nasty little suckers
  9. Got pulled over last week in Werribee (Vic) by a cop on an unmarked BMW K1200GT, a dark green one. A pleasant chap too, checked licence, rego, asked me to ride a bit slower. Got no argument from me.

  10. Yeah they've been around for over a year dude... Seen at least 4 of em together once... You can tell by the shitload areials and the laser gun holster...

    Funny how piece of measuring equipment can be stuck in the open environment in a holster on a bike and still be expected to give an accurate reading...
  11. May have a more rigorous inspection/calibration schedule?