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Adelaide newbie says hi...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by charger, May 1, 2006.

  1. Hi all,

    Always wanted to learn the caper and now finally got around to doing it!

    Got my L's about 5 weeks ago, bought a bike soon after & you can't wipe the smile of my face...wish i did it earlier :grin:

    As all the mates drive I wouldn't mind hearing from other riders here in Adelaide who want to hook up and go for a cruise...(at cb 250 speed of course... :LOL: )
  2. Way to Go!

  3. Good on ya mate, and welcome. :grin:
  4. Hi Charger

    Welcome ;). See you on the road ;)

    cheers ;)

    (old guy joke)
    Welcome to the forum and welcome the incurable disease!
  6. thanks hornet...got the joke... :grin:

    other toy is a charger...i got the 2 finger salute a couple of weeks ago when out cruising...
  7. What model, E-37 with the triple Webers???
  8. the VH 770 with a 318 - 95% restored...had it since i was 17...
  9. Ah yes, the most under-rated of the whole family.

    Pics one day if you can :grin:
  10. hey, charger

    welcome to the mad house.

    Check out the old Glenelg post office on a Sunday night 'bout 7:30
    I'm usually somewhere close by.
    And possibly Thursday night coffee's in Rundle St - eastern end, happening soon.
  11. So what happened to Wednesday night ? Canned?
    I was just starting to work up a thirst..... :grin:
  12. Hi Mark

    Hows the new blade going ?. Who did you get it off ?

    I am going bike shopping next week ;) ...bloody can't wait ;)
  13. Hey charger and welcome
  14. as we seemed to stray onto the subject its good to see the old charger is still apreciated... :grin:
  15. Hey Charger way to go!!!

    Welcome to the mad house
  16. HEY Charger :LOL:

    Welcome :grin:
  17. welcome charger
    jsut wondering with the name though....
    u got a chager as well??
    :grin: :grin:
  18. sounds like we have some closet charger funs in here...good to see... :grin:

    yes troy I do have one...but since I've got the bike it's barely left the shed...
  19. I have a CBR250RR and I am a Learner also. I love going for rides, but because I am still a learner I am not brave enough to really tackle the hills at speed. So I wouldn't mind actually riding with a bunch of Learners also.

    Hopefully I will be able to keep up then.

    Welcome to another Adelaide rider!! :)

    I could see an Adelaide L-Plater ride coming up with ANTHONY, CHARGER AND EACRUISER, but then again your bikes will be a hell of alot quicker than mine.

    Perhaps i should shoehorn the XS650 motor i have been pulling apart into my XS250 frame. Then my cruiser might keep up with your sportbikes. But then again i would rather just ride casually until i get of my L's and R-date