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Adelaide motor show

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by edgelett, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. you're probably thinking "what does a car show have to do with bikes?"

    well, it seems that after running a seperate bike expo once, they've decided to incorporate cars & bikes into the same show:


    it's being listed as "four shows in one"

    I wasn't going to go this year till I heard this
    anyone else going to head over?
  2. Hmm...

    They generally don't have many bikes, and you're not allowed to sit on any of them (as opposed to the "dedicated" bike show), so probably not.

    There are plenty of dealers that offer a better service, none costing $14 for the privilege
  3. however Cam, it's not often that you can go to one place & see new cars/bikes/vans/utes/street machines/etc all in the one place.

    When Adelaide held a seperate "bike expo" a couple of years ago, all the dealers I approached let me sit on their bikes.

    and there's the possibility they'll have brand new bikes already available outside Aus there to see.

    reading through the stuff, this time bikes are going to be in their own show room rather than stuck in between the cars, (i.e suzuki bikes are in a dedicated room, not next to the suzuki swift)

    I think this year might be different to previous years.

    I'm going to go anyway.
  4. I was kinda thinking of it cos deep down I'm a bit of a revhead *laugh* Not sure if I'll *actually* end up going, but I have thought about it :)
  5. You can sit on them, just dont ask first.
    They wont kick you off
  6. For $14 bucks, $28 with wife, think I'll just go to a motorcycle dealer to look and sit on bikes by the look on the site it's mainly dealers anyway I'd prefer to see more modded bikes, maybee the hotrods could convince me though.

  7. Have a look at the stand map .. the bike section is quite small :(
  8. yeah it is compared to the cars, but considering there hasn't been any bike show in adelaide for 2 years, i'm going to go.
    i like cars too anyway so it's all good.
  9. id go, but dont even know when its on haha
  10.  Top
  11. Cool thanks.

    1st off so might have to take a look see then :D