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Adelaide L's test: They supply gear?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iliketoride, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. I go for my L's next tuesday. I'm totally amped. Do I need to bring anything, anything at all? I dont have any gear yet because a bike is still a few months away.

  2. I did my test a couple of weeks ago at Oaklands. They supply the bike, an open face helmet (you can use your own if you've got one). I'd just wear sturdy shoes, you don't need a motorcycle jacket or anything cause you don't ride faster than 20-30km, just slow cornering, a lot of first gear clutch work.

    Just rock up and have fun :)
  3. Bikes and helmets are supplied. That is all.

    Just make sure you bring your receipt from the Motor Rego. And you might need to show your driver's licence as well.
  4. Just like a job interview, it leaves a good impression if you wear something appropriate - i.e. Gloves or a Jacket... especially for your "P" test.

    As you're going to use them on the road, you'd better get used to the feeling when fanning the clutch, throttle control, etc.

    Best of luck anyway!
  5. Wear Jeans and a jumper of somesort, as some places wont let you ride with unprotected skin.
  6. when I did my test, they sent a guy home for wearing nothing better than a t-shirt.

    Make sure you wear jeans, a long sleeved shirt (or a jumper) and closed shoes.

    they will supply you with a helmet & a bike, however if you have your own gear you're encouraged to use it.
  7. For sure, I might go glove shopping just to have 'something' and besides I have to start getting my gear together. So jeans, my cons, and a nice thick hoody should do it hey.... excellent.

    Now all I need is my own bike, I can't believe none of you guys havent offered me their 250 that just sits in the garage to lease. I thought it was meant to be a great community :p
  8. anyone here who has a 250 probably rides it :p cause there are a few of us here that are still restricted.

    Like all the others said, you dont "need" gloves but might be a good idea. as long as you wear closed shoes, long sleeved shirt/jumper and jeans you'll be fine. It is all slow speed stuff anyway but otherwise you'll go home without your L's :)
  9. Any time you get on a bike - think about how much you value your skin. When I did my L's at Oaklands one of the other applicants lost control and came off. He ripped his arm up a bit even with long sleeves. Then when I did my P's at Oaklands, another applicant did the same but a fair bit worse and ripped her elbow up pretty badly also with long sleeves. They only require long sleeves, pants and sturdy shoes but I would wear something more substantial if you can. This time of year will be good to do it with heavier clothing as I hate to think of wearing full gear in an Adelaide summer.

    My only off was after hitting a patch of oil in a corner at 20kph. I had heavy jeans on and still ripped my knee up a bit. But the dririder jacket and proper gloves did their job real well. I always wear proper riding pants/jacket/gloves now.
  10. Well... You can borrow my father's bike, it's a cruiser-style Suzuki Intruder. However, please note that the deposit is $5000.
  11. Yeah, they supply a bike and open face helmet. Bucketed down when i did mine, so I was glad I had a jacket and gloves. Out of six of us, 3 had helmets, 3 had gloves, 2 had jackets. Those in windcheaters froze!

    More protective gear unessential as all low speed, close track stuff on a tarmac rectangle about as big as a hockey pitch.