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Adelaide hills Sunday 22nd

Discussion in 'Other States' started by RRdevil, Dec 20, 2013.

  1. So finally got a full weekend off. Anyone interested in a ride on the Sunday 22nd. Weather is looking to be 25 degrees and only a couple showers (although I've heard that before). Ride is open to anyone with any bike and pace will be dictated by who shows up ie if we get some L platers we will cater to them.

    Meeting point: cudlee creek cafe (the one near lobethal turn off) for a chat and maybe breakfast.

    Time: 10am at the Cafe

    Route: not decided but considering travelling through to strathalbyn via hahndorf and Macclesfield, stopping at Garage Motorcycles for a drink, then possibly out Ashbourne Road to Bull creek road and back to hahndorf via Meadows
  2. Aww Devil I'd love to but got 17 people for lunch on Sunday before I take off to FNQ.
    Mid January will try and tee up a ride with Blabbs, will pm you when it happens.
  3. Hopefully the windy weather has passed. This ride is still on. Hopefully no rain. I do however expect lots of crap on the roads
  4. No other takers ??
  5. Might be +1
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  6. what are you riding Blabbus?
  7. at the moment or tomorrow ?
  8. You mentioned a while back you had sold all your bikes , I was curious as to what your current ride/rides was/where.
  9. So where's blabbs?
  10. No show??? I'm cooking, fark it. Have a good ride and take some snaps.
  11. Was a good ride. Somewhat hampered by a fear of the revenue raisers who where supposed to be in parts of the hills today. Bugger all rain came of the grey clouds. Blabbs never showed and if he did he kept a low profile. Still getting used to the MV and the Macclesfield bumps don't like throttle by wire. I hope @Goldnine enjoyed the ride if somewhat slower than anticipated. Next time we shall maybe meet at strath and head out ashbourne through bull creek and up towards Stirling, summertown, uraidla down montacute cit across corkscrew and up gorge road.
  12. Hey mate , yeah 'twas all good . Good to finally catch up ! Didn't see anything on way home but did have a bike cop go past other way coming into Meadows . . . hmmmm .
  13. Still wondering where the great and powerful blabbs got to though
  14. Indeed . Ah well , next time maybe . .
  15. Locked up maybe. Take any pics ?
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  16. Na no pics. Wasnt that exciting. Heaps of bikes at cudlee creek this morning. Blabbs probably there scoping us out. Definitely up for the planned ride mid January mcsenna. Good to meet new people. Was actually looking forward to meeting blabbs to see if he's as bad arsed as he makes out to be.