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SA Adelaide Hills - Operation Safe Hills

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by GoldNine, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Just a heads up for Adelaide riders , if you didn't know Adelaide motorcyclists are once again being targeted by the SA government and SAPOL this summer in the Adelaide Hills . The website is quite open about their intent to target motorcyclists using covert tactics .
    The following information is freely available on the SAPOL website - google Traffic Safety Camera Locations In Adelaide - if you're not already arming yourself with this information maybe it's time to start . I'm not advocating speeding , but this is just discrimination !
    So , Camera Locations for Monday 13th January are :
    Adelaide - Mannum Rd , Birdwood .
    Adelaide - Mannum Rd , Inglewood .
    Adelaide - Mannum Rd , Cudlee Creek .
    Warren Rd , Birdwood .
    Onkaparinga Valley Rd , Charleston .
    Lobethal - Mt Torrens Rd , Mt Torrens .
    Woodside Rd , Lobethal .
    Cudlee Creek Rd , Lobethal .

    Safe riding everyone !

  2. old non registered plates are your friend
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  3. Good idea goldnine. Was tempted to go back in the car and thieve the one they had set up on Ashbourne road the other day. Scum bags. Ruin one of the best sweeping roads in the Strath area
  4. Just a side not too. These locations are for the vehicle mounted radars. They do not disclose the location of the tripod mounted 'covert' cameras. I think I have a minor ticket coming from bull Creek road the other weekend
  5. Fingers crossed nothing comes of it - it's got me a little worried also .
  6. I don't mind. I've got all my points. It would only be under 10km over so only a small one
  7. That's not too bad I guess , still a PITA though :mad:
  8. Ok, now you got me worried!!!
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  9. Well, let's just say I've been up in the Hills a LOT these last few weeks . . . ;)
  10. I was on BC last weekend and I did take my eyes off the speedo a couple of times to see where I was going. Going to check the mail now.
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  11. It was set up in a pile of old fencing wire. You kinda still couldn't miss it. Not sure if I will get one have just been cruising around. The other one was on Ashbourne. There was one on Paris Creek road near the yoghurt factory yesterday. The rest were gorge road etc.
  12. Nothing listed for the Hills for Tuesday 14th January but as @RRdevil said earlier this doesn't include the hidden cameras so keep your eyes open . . .
  13. The one on Paris Creek Rd got a lovely shot of my front end,and thats after passing heaps of knob-eds going the other way who nodded.
    Fcuk your nodding you dumb cahnts,no wonder you have daily smidys-you ride with your heads up your arse and deserve all you get.
  14. No nasties in the letter box so far . . .
  15. What were you on blabbs?
  16. My new Panipoof

    But I dont really like it.
    Might trade it in.
  17. Yours the R?
  18. Listed speed cameras for the Hills for Sunday 9th Feb : Cherry Gardens Rd, Cherry Gardens and Kangarilla Rd, McClaren Flat .
  19. A heads up for Adelaide people , a little birdy advised me yesterday evening that the hidden and camouflage - net covered speed cameras were so successful over the summer Operation Safe Hills campaign that they are still in use . The comment was made that they're mainly used in the eastern hills (Greenhill Rd was mentioned) but that they do also venture further south. Don't know about the north towards the Barossa.
  20. Thanks GoldNine. I'm always hopeful that the early morning runs or midweek is going to keep me out of trouble - has worked so far. Mind you, I'm usually within reach of sanity anyway, and not playing too much in the known spots. But Bull Creek gets tempting... 80 is a joke