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Adelaide GS500

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by gstwin, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Hey all,

    Name is Jamie, hail from west Adelaide, moved up last year from tassie!

    Riding a 2012 model GS500, stock with superior bars, and JRE long can. Looking to eventually rejet, and delete a tooth from the front sprocket.

    The gs is my daily commute, riding from one to the other side of the city, but occasionally gets a little bit of the hills twisties ever now and then.

    Keen to meet other riders on adelaide, especially other GS500 owners. I usually ride with some of the blokes from Adelaide Street Bikes, an fb group.
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  2. Hi Jamie , welcome to NR , good to see you here ! There's stacks of good information on here , you just have to dig through it .
    See you on a ride soon , regards Jon (also Adelaide Street Bikes)
  3. Welcome to NR, my gs500 is an 06 model with heated grips diy style, next planned addition is some fibreglass panniers. I've not been riding as much as I want lately but a new job means I'll be riding much more in the coming weeks.
  4. Welcome GSTwin, hope you catch up with the Adeleaide Netrider group. You are getting so numerous over there that you will need to start your own Saturday Morning Practice soon ;)

    Re the rejet, spend your money on suspension instead. Much more bang for your buck.
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  5. Hey mate, if I'm ever planning a ride in Adelaide I'll hit you up! Be good to get out with another gs :) how long have you been riding for? I used to live in adelaide, about 3 hours northeast now
  6. G'day and welcome to Netrider, JamieJamie.
  7. welcome aboard :]
  8. Hi jamie im from adelaide as well. I ride a bmw g650gs and I would be keen for a ride whenever u want.