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Adelaide Group Ride

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dalemation, Mar 23, 2007.

  1. #1 dalemation, Mar 23, 2007
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    It was suggested by Mark (AF2AF3) that we have one last cruise, before we loose daylight savings, to Port Noarlunga.
    The plan was to catch the sun set... Unfortunately, due to some confusion as to how our corner man system works, we arrived just after.
    I took the opportunity to record the ride with my new bullet camera :)
    After too much coffee at work last night, I decided to stay up and to throw a 5 min vid together.

    The Video:
    4EwJojfbMm4[/media]]Streamed from YouTube
    Direct Download from Rapidshare (86megs :shock:)

    KevS took some awsome shots:

  2. Good stuff Dale,,,,,,,well put together
    look forward to see more of our rides
  3. Cool video, specially love the sped up bits...
  4. After seeing the short clip, CANT WAIT to see the full one!!
    Some awesome stuff, keep up the good work!

  5. Someone's pretty handy with composition.
    Good work!
  6. +1


    As always. :cool:
  7. Thats Awesome Dale, good job mate :grin:
  8. well i been at work all day. so been hanging to see it!

    top work!

    loved it :D

    look fwd to seeing more of other rides :D
  9. Thanks every one!
  10. Nice video mate, would like to get into doing some of this kind of thing myself :)

    What camera are you using?
  11. Tanks for sharing your ride! Loved the vid ta! :wink:
  12. Great video, nice choice of soundtrack too.
  13. My setup at the moment:

    RCA Layra (not reccomended I want to upgrade :( )

    Launch Helmet Cam
    480 TV Lines

    The Hi Gain mic that cam with the camera ;)

    Double sided 3m picture tape :D
  14. could only watch the youtube version very grainy, but some nice colours, is that a HDD recorder or does it take memory cards?
  15. Thanks mate :)
  16. There is a higher resolution, streamed version on my web site, but it requires the DivX Web player.

    The recorder is a HDD, 20GB. But it's shortc ommings is the quality.
    If you are keen on doing this stuff, a video camera with a AV input is well worth the extra bucks.
    I saw a very nice sony handy cam recently for $400. If I had the money I would have bought it. :?
  17. Cool video,

    I'm back in Adelaide now, should go for a ride with you guys.
  18. Thanks, keep an eye on this thread for on this thread for our wedensday rides ;)
  19. Awesome Video and PIcs there.

    So who in the pic is who???

    They all from netrider?