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Adelaide coffee on a Tuesday??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. Apart from me - is anyone interested in having coffee on Tuesday instead of Wednesday?

  2. Always - count me in
  3. I'd rather have it in the East/North East. Where does everyone else live?
  4. South - we can shift the location around later.

    I think Rundle St East - Scoozis' or thereabouts
  5. Anywhere thats good for invalids like myself :p

    Nah Tuesday's sounds fine.... I'm not bothered on the location, in Adelaide it only ever normally takes 20 minutes to get there :p
  6. I'm north east too mate, but I think 50% of the people live south.

    Hence why I thought city would be good - it's between everyone.

    Plus it means we get a longer ride on the bike!

    and I don't know any good coffee places north east anyway - in my spare time i play command & conquer generals & have whiskey, not drink coffee.
  7. coffe tonight........yes
  8. actually - and you're going to kill me - no, I can't make it
    having some serious issues at work at the moment, will be here late, and have had some dramas at home over the weekend that I need to attend to.

    sorry mate - I know I made a big fuss about not being able to go wednesdays, but with what's going on at work I have no idea what time I'll get out.

    Can I make it a definite YES for Tuesday the 21st instead??
  9. Every second Tuesday I can't make it, i.e. 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month...
  10. I feel for you AF2AF3.

    I'll be back in town from tomorrow morning until 8pm on Friday. I think Sir Skuffy was talking about being over there as well this week.
  11. Soon enough ill be able to attend the coffee nights. I'll be looking forward to meeting you guys in the flesh.
  12. EDIT: ok cancel what I wrote earlier.
    I just got a txt from my BF saying he's made plans for us to go to a mate's on Tuesday. So now I CAN'T go.

    why don't men check these things first??? sheeesh!
  13. Anyone up for coffee tonight ?...Rundle St
  14. yer I thought I saw a thumb print on your forehead. :p :LOL:
  15. you've just posted on every single coffee night thread on the site matt! i do believe you just want Hornet600's posi as top poster :grin: says something about your competitive spirit mate :)
  16. Just needed a Netrider fix after two days offline.

    There was once a time long long ago when I was the top poster (I think i had it for a week), it was hard being at the top.
  17. aahhh, the road less travelled eh? it's a lonely old path up in those higher altitudes.

    but i know that need for a netrider fix. i went to sydney for two days last weekend and mum was on the computer when i wanted to have a quick check-in. i went through withdrawal symptoms :LOL:
  18. tuesdays prob suit me better aswell.. as i get wednesdays off.. and usually so buys on them.. then again.. im a scooter rider n part from AFman and fluffy.. no one really atlked to me much at the last oen i attended...

    they seemed the most open n freindly of the bunch.

    be good to get back on a bike one day :(

    so many things against it right now, so the scooter has to do for my two wheeled thrills..