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Adelaide Cafe ban?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by luvmyzed, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Last night I was chatting to a fellow motorcyclist about protective gear and the conversation turned to what gear is easier to wear when going out to cafes etc whilst riding.

    He mentioned that some cafes in and around Adelaide will ask you to leave or stop you from entering their premises if wearing motor cycling gear...........and he wasn't talking about patches/colours either.

    I didn't get a chance to ask him which ones, as I got called to be somewhere else at that time......................

    Does anyone know whether this is true??? And if so which ones, so that I know not to waste my time.........!!!
  2. well its big $$$$$ if you can lure the VERY loyal mbike crowd to have regular coffees at cafes etc. unless they have been a victim of recent bike related violence, i cant see anyone knocking back a mbike rider/s.

    cafe NOVA in gawler always had mbike parked out front. we are usually amongst them.
  3. An emotive rumour short on particulars.....don't believe it.
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  4. I have heard of some establishments who are particularly motorcycle friendly. The servo as you come in to Adaminaby from the Tumut side springs to mind.
  5. I love Adaminaby. Got stuck there over night with 3 mates in middle of winter when we ran out of fuel. Made a little fire at the BBQ and waited for the servo to open. Fond memories.
  6. i have been refused at a cafe around the corner from my work when i went in my riding gear but walked in 2 minutes later in my work cloths and got served
  7. What a crock. Walk in wearing a full lycra riding get up and see if you get served. I'd find that more offensive.

    Meh, it's only Adelaide... :popcorn:
  8. As douchey as it is to bar someone for what they're wearing, it's the operator's choice I suppose.
  9. why the hell would you go back?
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  10. Maybe to tell them to get fcuked....
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  11. thats pretty retarded, i mean yeah the gear can be bulky but thats the only negative i see. I have never had an issue at any cafe, but people get pissed when i take up 2 seats in a lecture at uni with all my assorted crap. To be refused service at a cafe is a bit retarded, people go to cafes in gym gear, pj's, suits, work site clothes whatever, i live in the poncy part of town and ive never heard of a cafe with a dress code, if it existed im sure it would exist here.

    Still if a cafe did, i would enjoy revving my bike in the general direction of their customers for a period of time, bonus points if two stoke.
  12. so do bloody prams.....
  13. And prams are banned from a number of hipster cafes around here. Major aggro from the local mums (brave owners!)
    Like Grue said, it's their choice if they are prepared to live with the bad will.
  14. Ohhh man.......I'd love to see that brawl...

    In the red corner - The Douche-bag hipster apocalypse
    In the blue corner - Inner Melbournian self-entitled Mothers with child accessories....

    Ding ding....talking all bets
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  15. ugh nothing i hate more than pramville when your trying to get anywhere.

    Often the kid is old enough to walk, BUT THAT WOULD BE DANGEROUS AND DONT YOU KNOW HE IS GIFTED!

    yoga pants have made up for it somewhat if the mums fall into the milf category which most do in my area.
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  16. No prams in your family then? Mum drag you round by the ankles?
  17. Never seen it or heard it happen in SA, a rumour probably stated by a Victorian me thinks. @cazzo is this your handy work?
  18. Nah man, don't need to start stories about Radelaide...Us easterners know what you lot are like... :popcorn:
  19. What will the Ducatisti say???
  20. Trust me Cazzo they will all be open when you bring the cafe racer down for a run with us ;)