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Adelaide - Bike Friendly? or do I bring a cage...

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Zippah, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Will be in Adelaide for a few months (work) and was thinking of either:

    a) buying a cheap runaround there

    b) having my bike shipped

    c) driving down.

    Then I thought…. what about a cheap tourer? like a k100 or a superchook.

    Never had either of those, it's either been full on RR's or italians, so that means option D

    d) buy a cheap touring bike and ride it down, around town and back home

    Any pitfalls in relation to this last suggestion/ idea? if there are any SA locals who can chime in with compelling reasons not to buy a px125 instead of a superchook for a runaround, i'd be most interested.

    Other than that, it might just be…. the cage :(

  2. Bring something you can have some fun on, Adelaide has lots of close rides. If you just want to commute around town then it doesnt matter much really.
  3. The traffic is sedate, the hills winding and the coffee single origin organic fair trade.
    Bring the bike.
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  4. Like the sound of this, so I either have mine sent down or buy something cheap down there, for shits n giggles...

    Anyone got a list of good used bike dealers in Adelaide?
  5. Plenty of used bikes around, work out what you want and check out the bike sales ads when your ready. Although if your here for a few months it might be worth having your own sent down, check out a few transport companies.
  6. I've just got a quote to ship my son's bike to Adelaide - $300 - pretty cheap I thought. I would think it worth shipping your own for that price.
  7. Come on, you're not that far away. Ride it over you slacker!

    Adelaide's a very easy city for a bike. Traffic is easy compared to Sydney or Melbourne, hills are very close (although the speed limits are getting stupid), and the rate of psychotic killings seems to have dropped a bit, too. Well, okay, you never really know on the last one.

  8. Bit hard to ride over with 3 months of work kit plus clothes etc.

    I was thinking about flying over first then picking it up or shipping it over on the next flight
  9. Ride over and ship your clothes...
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