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Adelaid help

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by josh000, May 17, 2008.

  1. hey guys,

    I am going to be coming to adelaide to get my riders license, since there is no stupid rule that I have to wait a year and have a car license first.

    I have read the website, now my question is, I get the learners, and then do the basic course and get my learner riders, right?

    in that time I learn to ride before doing the advanced course, and then after I do the advanced course I get my rdate straight away?

    are there any comapnies that will teach riding lessons in adelaid? I looked on google and yellow pages but didnt find too much helpful, apart from links back to ridersafe.

    Ideally I am looking for a fixed price course, $800 or $900 or so, that will teach me to learn regardless of how many lessons I need. If anyone is adelaide would like to give some tips and advice, that would be excellent.

  2. RiderSafe is the only place you can get your L's I believe.

    The system here is pretty much what you said, if you have no form of license you must first sit the roadrules test which is 8 Giveway questions and 42 general questions, you must get all 8 giveways right though you can miss a few of the 42. You can pracitce using some of the actual questions at the RAA site

    This will give you your drivers license and car learners (minus well, though I think you can opt to only use it for the motorbike license), once you have this you can apply to do the Basic Ridersafe Course, which atm costs $317 and is run over 2 x 3.5hour sessions usually done on consecutive days. If you complete this then you will be able to go to TransportSA to get your learners. This entitiles you to ride LAMS bikes to a maximum of 80kph and no booze in your system.

    Then when your comfortable you can go or the advanced course, which is a half day, sucessful completion of that means you can get your R-Date, though you have to display P plates unless you have a full car licese, you keep this for a year then go to any transportsa and theyll remove the restriction, though you have to do this, it isnt an automatic after 1 year on rdate your free to go...


    Theres a few restrictions in the Motor vehicles act.

    Courtesy Motor Vehicles Act 1959(SA) (emphasis added)
    75A—Learner's permit
    (1) Subject to this Act, the Registrar must issue a learner's permit to any person who—
    (aa) is of or above the age of 16 years and is resident in this State; and
  3. I know ridersafe is the only place I can get my L's, but after I have my L's I want to pay for some lessons before I take the advanced course.

    I won't have my own motorbike but will want to get my license.

    Are there any motorbike schools in Adelaide?
  4. Josh, did you see the last line of Mike's post? You cannot simply go to another state to take a license, you have to be resident there, applies everywhere.
  5. come here rent a house for 3-6 months :)