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Adelady's jumping at Shadows!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Adelady, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Hello all..

    Well, not one to rush into things (much) I have, at the ripe old age of 44, just acquired my L's. No stranger to bikes over the years (as pillion and sometime dirt bike rider), my decision to gett off my butt and get the legalities sorted was brought about by the need for another mode of transport when my company car is used for other things. My new husband and I did RiderSafe together and, as he will probably upgrade soon, I had first choice of the bike we'll get our license on. Something small and easy, so I bought one on impulse today.. a TA200 Shadow. Sure its a toy, but we're not planning long treks in it at all, not even hills runs at this stage as its just a mode of transport to cover a short suburban distance, but Hey! wait until we upgrade.!!! Hello to all Adelaide riders and I'd love to hear any feedback on Shadows... although I guess its too late if they're crap! It may have taken years to get the license but I couldnt wait a day to buy a bike.... We shall see if its a decision I'll regret!

  2. Welcome to NR Adelady. Hey it doesnt matter what age you get your L's, what does matter is that you've done it
    Hope you enjoy the experience on the road.
    Just remember to keep the black stuff on the road.

    If your after some nice safe riding with other riders and advice check out
    www.sabers.com.au or check out a coffee night in the city. (something I'm unable to do. the coffee night that is)
  3. Welcome Adelady

    Always great to have another rider on the road!

  4. Welcome to Netrider; it's the only place to be!
  5. Welcome Adelady, No matter what your age or your bike. You will love the freedom

    Ride safe
  6. Welcome Adelady! Hope your visit to these forums is as eventful as mine has been! I highly recommend going to a coffee meet and catching up with some of the peeps, you have no obligation to go riding except on the way there and back, and can hear riding tips etc.
    Enjoy :)

  7. Welcome to NR.. :grin: