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[Adel] Wheatsheaf Hotel, Sat November 12th

Discussion in 'Other States' started by revken, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. For those who like good beer, good people and good music, there is a gig on the 12th November at the Wheatsheaf hotel, George st, Thebarton, starting about 7.30pm. Playing will be Zydeco band Spank the Boss, supported by Creole Cowboys. There will be a guest artist or two appearing with the Spankers, one of whom will be me, on Blues harmonica. Its gonna be a great night. $10 cover charge, $5 concession.

  2. Re: Adelaide people - Wheatsheaf Hotel November 12th

    cool. see you there ;)
  3. added to calender. cheers mate. :)
  4. its tonight people, come one come all, gonna be good, coopers on tap, cya there
  5. I stuck my head in there. The music wasn't my speed i'm afriad.. and the hotel
    didn't have a kitchen (first hotel I've been to that doesn't cook). I was pretty damn
    hungry, so I ended up in Glenelg.

  6. ahhhh, oh well. maybe next year when I get the blues band happening. You may have struck the first band, who were a bit more hillbilly cajun. anyway, come down to the bay on sunday nights, trying to get happening as a regular thing, 7.30 at the post office
  7. Talk about make-shift instruments. One dude was straping some sort of
    bamboo apron (?) in a haphazard rhythm. That was enough for me.

    When I was studying at TAFE last year, I studied with a blues
    pianoist called "Stephen (Andy) Smethurst". Have you heard of him ?

  8. The bamboo thing, is actually the modern version of a washboard, which was used as a rythum instrument by the impoverished people from which this music came. Peter certainly wasnt hitting it haphazardly, that may have been your impression. Im still not sure which band you saw, but I know that the band I was playing with did not have a great night technically. Im a ring-in, as was another guitarist, and noticed the permenent members were making quite a few mistakes. We had fun, but I dont it sounded all that great.
    I guess I do any gig I can just for the fun of playing. cant say its my favourite style either, at least not to play. I like more traditional blues, and the louder, faster texas blues and boogie, like early ZZ Top and stuff like that. Thats the direction I hope to be going in. More room for rocking out.
    I heard of Andy, but not sure Ive heard him play.
  9. Sorry Ken. I didn't mean to offend.

    Me on the other hand have no musical talent. So you're
    one up on me ;)

  10. Interestingly enough, that particular seems to have disintegrated in the the week since the gig, with the keyboard player leaving, and the guitarist considering it. The bass player was surprised - I wasnt. But watch this space for a new blues band next year. I was also playing with a more purist blues band this morning at church - yes, at church, - and may end up playing a bit with them. They are really good.