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[Adel] Wednesday Coffee Nights, Lord Melb Hotel, Melb St. Nth Adel

Discussion in 'Other States' started by AF2AF3, Sep 21, 2005.

  1. Anyone going for coffee tonight ?

    Scoozi Cafe
    272 Rundle St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

    7:30 ish (either side of 7:30 is fine)

  2. Damn it!!! How did i not find out earlier?!?!

    Ive been hanging out so long to meet some other bikers, all my friends are pansies!

    *sob sob*
  3. Owen, how far from town are you ?
  4. I live near flinders uni. About 40mins?
  5. So 20 mins by bike :wink:
  6. quite close to me (see sig)
    maybe next Wednesday, barring rain.
  7. AF2AF3 good to see you guys firing up coffee over there. :biker:
  8. Why do we meet at north adelaide? Surely there are closer cafes? What about glenelg?
  9. I think Az and some others have been meeting there on Wednesday nights, and I think some of them live north-ish ..... Modbury Nth, TTG......

    Nothing to say we can't pick different places, Glenelg, Norwood, Rundle St, but you will probably get more turn up, on average, if it is more 'central'

    Sunday morning is another good time for a meet and coffee, and then a 'fang' if anyone's interested.
  10. So who's coming to coffee/beer tonight?
  11. I'll be there - barring rain
    Bring Yamahapat and Mark
  12. I just went home for lunch, starting raining slightly...

    I think there's scattered showers for tonight... I'm still keen (I'm only 10 mins from Nth Adelaide)
  13. Could be a goer - though I should be studying!!! :(
  14. We'll help you study....C'monnnn
  15. Whos coming to coffee tonight?
  16. will try to make it for sure... weather looks fine as well
  17. Count me in

  18. I may go depending on what I have on tonight.
  19. Im booked up every Wednesday nite. Anyone interested in Sunday nite at the bay?
  20. i dont mind sunday nights at the bay but everyone has work or uni the next day. i went to glenelg yesterday (fri) night and there were a good number of bikers there. fri nights at the bay anyone??