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[Adel] Victor ride - Sun April 24

Discussion in 'Other States' started by AF2AF3, Apr 13, 2005.

  1. WHEN: Sunday 24 April 10:00am (Weather Permitting)

    WHERE: Adelaide to Victor Harbor and back.

    Meet at Burnside Town Hall (corner of Portrush and Greenhill) NW corner of car park.

    COST: No charge – BYO petrol, lunch and anything else you require.

    WHO: Anybody with a bike that will make it to Victor Harbor.

    DRESS: All bike owners should know what is suitable.

    Pillion passengers would be expected to wear, as a minimum, jeans, sensible shoes (preferably that cover the ankles), jacket and gloves.

    Remember it gets cold.

    Please note, people who participate in this event do so at their own risk. Club e will not be liable for any injuries caused during or as a result of this event.
  2. Adelaide to Victor Harbor

    The weather forecast looks even better than before.

    28C for Adelaide, which means Victor should be about 25C

    Mild change due about 6:00 pm - No rain.

    Route change:

    Burnside Town Hall - 10:00 am
    Summertown via Greenhill Rd.
    Hahndorf - Pit stop
    Strathalbyn - Pit stop
    Victor Harbour

    Any takers
  3. Ooops...Thankx mouth
  4. man i'd be up for it if i hadnt been on the bike only a week :oops:
    gots to get my skills up first!
    good luck to you all though if the weather hold up fine you're in for some marvellous views of the south australian coastline!

    Suggestion: There is a road called "Mosquito Hill Road" which branches off the main road to victor, it's quite a fun road and when you get to the top the view is spectacular :shock:
    Im sure it will be a great sucess either waiy good luck!
  5. 7-thsin

    Don't let your first week on a bike, put you off.
    I've only had my bike 3 weeks.

    I'll stay with you, there will probably be 2 groups
    - newbies and advanced - the idea is to have a fun ride, with no pressure.
  6. I'll be in the newbie group. So you won't be alonel. See you there.
  7. Onya gegvasco,

    been trying to get the 'word' out to Adelaide riders for a few days now.

  8. Hiya

    We won't be on that run, but a catch-up for a coffee sometime could be good value!

    T'was good to catch up with you last night Mark. Always good to put a name to a face.
  9. Coffee night would be good - The Parade - Rundle St East or Glenelg

    I'll tell you about the ride later

    Mark - AF2AF3
  10. Ride report?
  11. Give me about 24 hours, I'll whip something up.

    Only took a few photos, may have some [vid] by one of the other guys.
  12. [Adel] Victor ride - Ride report

    Sunday 24th 10:00 am, 16 riders turn up. Not bad. We head off at 10:15

    Only 2 Netrider members present, GEGVASCO (Greg) and AF2AF3 (Mark)

    Straight up Greenhill Rd, lots of neat twisty bits, and only 2 Kms from
    our starting point.
    Across the top of the ridge and into Summertown.
    Out through the other side of the town, and down through some valley
    roads into Aldgate.
    We continue on, the roads are starting to flatten out a bit, but they're
    not straight or boring. We cross under the SE Freeway and head into
    We park our bikes in the carpark behind the German Arms Hotel, and have
    a 15 minute 'smoko'. While talking to some of the guys/gals. I find out
    that a girl that works for the same Co as me, has hired a bike for the
    weekend - just to go on this ride.
    Talk about keen.
    We head further east into Mt Barker.
    By this time the leaders have a bit of a gap on the riders further back.
    Greg is on his 'L's (80 Kph)
    There's a T junction just out of town - Strathalbyn via Macclesfield
    (the planned route) or Strathalbyn via Wistow.
    The 2 bikes ahead of us head for Wistow - they reckon the other way is
    Hell, what would I know, I'm new to all this.
    We follow.
    And get to Strathalbyn 2 minutes before the 'fast' guys.

    Lunch at Strath. The local cafe get swamped, as we all put in our orders
    for pies, pasties, ice coffee, coke, y'know.
    We get word that there are quite a few police patrols between here and
    Victor Harbor. A route change is made, and we head to Victor via
    Probably a wise choice. The roads going this way, had a bit
    more 'character' to them. we come into the first seaside town - Goolwa -
    from the North, and suddenly we've got people in cages all over the
    place. For the last 3 hours, we've basically had the roads to ourselves.
    It's pretty slow going, all the way through Goolwa, Port Elliot and into

    We're here, no falls, no scrapes, no fines.

    We park our bikes just off the main street, and walk around.

    Some leave soon after, some sit on the lawns and chat.
    The last 6 or so, of us, leave together. But we soon spread out, the
    last group of 3, cruise back on the main Adelaide - Victor road, at a
    touch under 90Kph........oops did I type that.

    It was a great ride, and I think it will be the first of many
    ... BUT ... I would like to see more Netriders come along.

    220 Kms
  13. sounds like it was a great day! im disappointed i didn't to make it, being a long weekend, my girlfriend has plans for us : ( hehehe, she's cool) i'll definitely be on the look out for further cruises, oh and cheers for the invite AF2AF3, its hard trying to find other people to ride with when ur a lowly beginner ; )
  14. hey kage, I'll ride with you, so would others.
    We need to get the Adelaide netriders 'talking' on this forum more.
    There are enough of us, we just need to get together.

  15. Hi Mark

    See! I told you I read the forum! :)))

    Seriously though, do we want to try and organise a coffee get-together sometime soon?