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Adel to Melb - planning

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by vtr_rida, Dec 14, 2007.

  1. A mate and i are heading over to Melb on our 250s for a week or so, via GOR, early January. If anyone would be willing to take us for a cruise along the spurs or any other cool vic roads while we're over there that'd be great :grin:

  2. Hi,

    Let us know when you get across......am happy to point you to the good roads.

    Cheers stewy
  3. cheers i got some good maps the other day but would be good to have a few melb riders that may beable to point us in the right direction just incase. Wouldnt expect you to go out of your way, just may give you a buz and see if you're up for a cruise when we get over. Any guidance appreciated :) pm mob number and name if possible because we won't have net access most days over there.. cheers!
  4. Hey,

    My brother and I have just got back having done the Adelaide to Melbourne ride over a week around Christmas. It was an awesome trip... went up through the Grampians and came back Great Ocean Road. Did the Black Spur and Lake Mountain while we were in Melbourne too. Also had a rest day at the Cricket on boxing day which was pretty cool.

    I highly recommend doing the Myers Creek Road - Chum Creek Road loop up at Healesville (a left just past the Caltex at Healesville). It's on the way to the Black Spur but more isolated (far less traffic), just as beautiful and really awesome to ride. The mechanic up at the servo recommended it to us when we were filling up there and we weren't disappointed... think I enjoyed it much more than the spur in the end, especially the Chum Creek road part which was just an insane mix of all the different corners you could imagine... including a long series of decreasing radius turns, many off camber.

    I also recommend Zumstiens to Halls Gap in the Grampians if your heading anywhere near there... another great ride with awesome views.

    Anyways, Great Ocean Road alone is worth the trip... Black Spur, Lake Mountain, etc. just a bonus... you can't go wrong.

    Have fun!
  5. so, after all that riding, did your's ???
  6. I wanna go the other way for the V8's this year.
    Not sure if I'll make it but if I do, I'll sing out and you can show me the roads up there.
  7. 8-[ haha I have no idea what you mean... I'm a bit of a space cadet in the mornings
  8. You can't go past the Adelaide hills... lots of great roads just a short ride out of the city.

    Only real problem here is the road surfaces. I can't believe how much better the roads are over the border in Victoria... your state government must actually put the revenue from traffic offenses back into roads.
  9. bahahaha a couple of hours and coffees later :idea: it comes to me :idea:

    it wasn't so much itchy as numb... sorry didn't mean to kill the great pun :p
  10. no probs, I knew you'd get it eventually :wink:.