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Adel to Melb - places to stay close to Melbourne

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by backmarker, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. I'm planning to do a few one day courses this year in Melbourne, and rather than flying over I thought I might take the bike. The plan would be to ride over one day, stay close-ish to Melbourne, ride into town for the course the next morning, head out after the course that afternoon a short way, stay the night, and then head home the next day.

    I’m hoping for some suggestions of where to stay for the two nights. I’m looking for somewhere cheap, with decent food that’s cheap, preferably where I can leave the bike overnight and it still be there in the morning, and not too far out from Melbourne.

    Country pub would be great, but I’m figuring I’ll probably be too close to Melbourne to find a country pub! I also wouldn’t want to deviate too far given it will be enough km to travel plus a day in a course, so I don’t want to make the trip any harder than it needs to be.

    Any thoughts and suggestions?

  2. Why don't you just stay in Melbourne somewhere near the course? Wouldn't that be easier?
  3. I'd go for somewhere like Melton or Sunbury or even Hoppers Crossing. If you are on the bike its not to bad to get into the city from there, If you where coming from the other side (eastern) there are a few nice pubs, but would mean you'd have to ride all the way out the other side of Melb to get there.
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  4. I figure it's harder to find somewhere decent and cheap in the city compared to on the way, plus it means doing the full trip on day on and day three. Mind you, I'm open to suggestions on places that meet the criteria in Melbourne as well! The venue is on Collins St in the CBD.
  5. DO you know anywhere in particular in those spots? I probably wouldn't want to deviate as far as Hoppers Crossing - its just extra k's that I wouldn't necessarily need to do.

    I suppose I would look at anything from Beaufort on, though realistically the closer to Melbourne the better.
  6. backpackers in king st is cheap enough, parking the bike? fark that I wouldnt do on king st, but thats me. jump on wotif.com see if you can get a bargain..
  7. After a bit more thought I reckon somewhere like Ballan looks promising - not far off the highway, smaller town, not too far from Melbourne. Does anyone have any knowledge of any of the three pubs in Ballan?

  8. Thanks goddie, but I don't reckon I trust the bike there, even my bike... Also, I'd prefer to stay out of Melbourne just to make the longer days a little easier. Especially the first day, I'd prefer not to tackle Melbourne traffic just when I'm at my most tired.
  9. I think the Ballan Hotel has beds, its an older pub with a big balcony. Not sure if it has off street for the bike but most pubs will allow you to put a bike in their yard overnight if you are staying.

    Which way are you coming, Mt Gambier - Great Ocean Road?
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  10. It'll be the boring ride - straight down the Dukes/Western Highways. I don't have the stamina and/or time to go any other way, but at least I'll get to do the trip on the bike instead of by plane! Planes are way over-rated, plus then I have to catch taxis...

    One day I'll have a nice relaxed life and be able to take the scenic route!

    Thanks for the tip on the pub, by the way!
  11. Ah the Dukes and Western not a very interesting route but the most direct. I have done this by bike. Make sure your MP3 player is fully charged, I only got half way and had to sing to myself for the rest ;)

    If any of these courses are on a Friday perhaps you extend your stay for a Saturday ride here. Have a good trip.
  12. Hey Mate, depending on when you come to Melbourne i can offer you accomodation for a few days at my place. I share a house with my mate and we have a spare room with a comfy bed. If you are not too fussy (well it is a house with 2 boys so not the best kept) its accomodation and food! My bike stays safely behind my gate and being in West Footscray am only a 10 min ride away from the city. PM me if you are interested!! I'm only too glad to help!
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  13. Thanks very much for the offer - very generous. I probably won't take you up on it though because of the issue of hitting Melbourne traffic in the late afternoon when I'm tired. For that reason, and to shorten the long ride a tad, I think I'd be better off stopping before I hit Melbourne.

    I very much appreciate the offer though.

  14. Your call but if you change your mind the offer for free accomodation stands! Best of Luck with the long ride down and have fun!
  15. Fark thats a generous offer, as he said, footscray is a spit and stone throw form the city, you could train it into town for your courses and leave the bike at home..
  16. That's true! You could take the train or a bus to the city in no time!!

    I was helped out a lot by a lot of kind, decent people when i first came here. People who without a seconds thought invited me into their homes, families, lives... If i can help someone out no matter how small the gesture i will have thought i am learning to keep up the traditins i was given!
  17. Vtrjay, a very generous gesture indeed.. enjoy the ride tomorrow!!
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