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[ADEL] Sunday Coffee

Discussion in 'Other States' started by AF2AF3, May 3, 2005.

  1. Sunday Coffee 10:00am

    Scoozi cafe

    Rundle St East

    You can park your bikes opposite the cafe, (so that you can keep an eye
    on it, of course) next to the phone booths.
  2. Sounds interest!! I like coffee and bikes. Ill try and get there!!

  3. you live at Coro Valley dont ya ?
    I'll be cruising thru that way about 9.30

  4. Mad scoozi's is pretty cool. Done. hhhhmmmmm 10am, dare i say thats a little early? meh what ever it takes. How many people u reckon will be joining us?
  5. Hi kage,

    Don't know how many will come Sunday for a coffee, Just keep putting the word out.
    Got mates with bikes - tell them - got a GF, bring her too.

    I'll be bringing my 8yo son, plus maybe some guys from work.

    Read your post about Bill's.....what a lot of BS you went through.
  6. hhhhmmmm isn't this sunday mothers day? i should still be able to make it but i wont be able to stay for long. going to have lunch with my grandparents about 12/12:30.
  7. G'Day Mark.
    If I was going to be around, I would definitely be there. But heading off OS at 3am tomorrow morning so won't be able to make it this time. Catch you next time.

  8. Take care......and leave those Mexican women alone
  9. No fear there - the boss has decreed Mexico entirely off limits. Smart move. Weather is great in San Diego by the way. I'm there (or here) now.