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[Adel] Sun Oct 2 Mannum Ride

Discussion in 'Other States' started by AF2AF3, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. We will be leaving from Burnside Town Hall car park
    (corner of Greenhill and Portrush) 10:00 am

    Greenhill Rd
    Summertown via Greenhill Rd
    Littlehampton Smoko
    Mannum Stop for Lunch Pretoria Hotel
    Birdwood Smoko
    Home Via Gorge Rd

    Weather forecast looks pretty good.

    L platers welcome - 3 already confirmed
  2. How many bikes we expecting this run?
  3. Got about 10 to 12 so far.

    Have also got tables booked at the Pretoria Hotel and possibly a roped off section of the car park.
  4. Ah righto, my old man and brother live in Mannum so I'll tag along and probably break loose at that stage... I was gonna say if u hadn't organised the lunch i could get my family to throw a BBQ :p
  5. I would love to come, not sure if my riding is up to it yet though, im shit at riding corners, i would probably lose you all in the first km!
  6. Anyone still unsure about joining in, looks like we have about 10 or 12 coming.

    Burnside Town Hall 10:00 am
  7. ill be there with a mate!! probably too late to bother telling you now... gota leave in 30... ah well... c u there
  8. Got that, see ya

    message too short
  9. That ride was bloody brilliant ;). Absolutely perfect weather. I really enjoyed myself.
    I look forward to riding with you all again ;).

    Cheers ;)
  10. Yes i must say i had a great time! Perfect weather!! And i suppose the extra scenic route we went after not turning off for Nairne in Wodside wasn't too bad either... :LOL: :p

    Can't wait for the next one! See you at coffee/beer on wednesday! ;)

    PS. Where are all you other Adelaidians? You missed out on a great ride!! Make sure you try make it next time we had 5 L platers in the group of about 25 or so bikes in the end i think. It'll be even greater if we can continue to grow!
  11. just found this site

    :) Hey guys I've just found this site and sounds like I missed a good ride
    anyway if i'm able(family man) i would love to know if you go for another spin...will keep an eye on site...Cheers