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[Adel] Scooter to join protest ride - 5th Aug.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Anthony, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. This was in The Advertiser:

    This is insane... buying a $2,000 brand new scooter and have to pay $575 to do a training course!!! Not to mention there are NO facts to this claim. Yet another hollow statement by Minister Zollo. There has been 1 dealth this year for Scooter rider in SA, and that was because some guy in a van ran up the back of a STATIONARY scooter at the traffic light. No amount of training can prevent that!!! Just another way to may money I say.

    I urge ALL scooter riders to come to the protest rally that is on this Saturday!!!

    More Details are here:


  2. I agree that 50cc riders should do a scooter-specific version of the Rider Safe course. 50cc riders that aren't properly trained are a danger to themselves and others on the road.

    That said, I think that such a course should be structured and priced appropriately. $500+ to get trained up to ride a 50cc scooter is just too much, and given that there's a bit less to worry about with 50cc scoots (i.e. no clutch to master), the equivalent to Level 1 Rider Safe training ought to be enough.

    So yes to compulsory training for 50cc scooterists, no to the horrendous fees that Transport SA is looking to charge.
  3. And by how much did motorcycle sales rise this year [from petrol prices no doubt] was it 300% ???
    I know it was arseloads higher than 39%.

    Clearly a retarded statement. When do I get my own newswatch TV show dammit...

    If they care so much about it - SUBSIDISE rider training like NSW does. For under $200 you get taught to ride + road-craft and safety skills.
  4. Braddo and i both completed the stage 1 rider safe program yesterday and today.

    as a scooter rider, ( ex dirt bike rider and soon to be back ona road bike) i actually learnt a fair bit. having been a scooter rider for last 12 months id picked up a few bad habits ( that arnt bad habits on a scooter but are on a bike)

    not alot is scooter specific, i did find a fair bit to be just common sence, and also parts whernt relvant at all.

    but i woudl suggest to anyone to complete atleast stage one. the cornering principles and concepts behid the course do apply to us all.

    the cost is prohibitive tho. stage two for me will be rather expencive.

    i did the course on a Honda CB-F 250 motor bike

    braddo completed it on a honda 125 scooter.

    tho there was another guy there on a scooter, well attempting to do the course. had never ridden a bike before.. he was a massive pain in teh arse as he screwed mostt things up and put us behind schedule alot or managed to stuff smoothw orking reutines and rides up. turnt them into stop start events instead of a nice ride.

    over all, my thoughst price increase rediculous, making it compulsary ( and the same as a motor bike course) rediculous.

    scooter specific training i would support to no end. but at a reasonable price!
  5. good to hear that you a) passed & b) got something out of the course. I always thought that scooter riders should do it just because as you said, things like cornering etc are important for all 2 wheel riders.

    completely off topic, but why when I posted this exact same news exerpt in this forum, did it get moved to the "protest ride" thread in the events forum? I posted it here cause I wanted SA scooter riders to be aware the high costing courses might end up applying to them whether they like it or not, and therefore to encourage them to attend the protest ride....oh well.

    and even more off topic, what did you think of the CBF250?? I saw one in the flesh at Bills on Monday & it looked real nice!
  6. well as we really didint break any land speed records.. i think i got to 40km an hr in 3rd... didint liek changing up at such low speeds but thats the way the course is ran..

    found them to be nice to ride. id love to get one out and have a good ride tho. easy to balance on low speed monouvers breaking and clucth both responcive acceleration when needed seemed to be capable.

    over all... id definitly like ot take one for a day ride.
    and test it out.

    i really dont have much to compare them to, so thats an issue.

    tho i took fluffys GPX for a ride last night. i REALY enjoyed that ;) actually being able to ride freely and not with in a piss ant little square :D
  7. I totally agree that scooter riders should do some sort of training course, but not at $575. Maybe $100 or there about is more like it. And have a special licence after doing such course, like maybe a scooter licence which restricts you to only riding a 50cc scooter at most or something. Some people really don't care much about riding bigger stuff, just a means to get to work cheaply.

    Currently they have a moped licence, but not promoted at all, and costs same as a normal Rider Safe course $575, so no one does it.

    The protest run is about the hike in fees and the threat of 50cc riders having to do it also. NOT about against rider training.