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[Adel] Saturday 26/5 ride

Discussion in 'Other States' started by red.hot, May 24, 2007.

  1. www.bom.gov.au:
    Saturday Fine. Mostly sunny. Min 10 Max 21

    You know what that means?

    I know there are a few people out there who will deserve to reward themselves after submitting so many assignments this week ;)

    So far, it's Thomo and myself - he may be trying out a Hayabusa and I will be giving my bike a stern talking to after a week of grief.
    All are welcome. Won't be too hardcore because my skills and confidence fluctuate so much if I'm off the bike for even a day.
    We're open to suggestions on locations. No preference from me.
    We'll post times depending on feedback and preference.
    Hope to see you on saturday!

  2. So Sketchie, can you ban google ads from the forum for not keeping to topic? ;)
  3. oh how I wish I could come out :(
  4. Today is the 24th
  5. Yeah, good spot.

    Come join us for a ride on the 26TH!

  6. You know what... I'll prolly be stuffed after shifting about 100 bundles of newspapers around at work... But hey, count me in! Been too long since I've been on a ride and need to stretch the legs on the bike. Not too far though, heh.
  7. Or possibly an anniversary model Fatboy for me on saturday, too hard to choose which bike to take :LOL:
  8. Dammit! I have to be down at Victor Harbor by midday for my grandfather's 80th birthday...otherwise I'd be there! Weekend's are basically the only time I get to use the bike!! Double dammit!!!
  9. Lucky you for having the options!
  10. Aawww, what a fantastic milestone. Wish him a good one for us!
    Family comes first.
  11. Cool if you can join us! Come and go as you please. Still no suggestions on route anyone?
  12. A favorite of mine is chain of ponds road. Up the end of North East Road.
    A pleasant ride, a nice view. Any other idea's ?
  13. What type of bike are we looking for with you on it Siro?

    Never mind I found it :wink:
  14. Fatboys out, not registered :cry:

    Hayabusa still on the cards though :wink:
  15. No i cant ban the ads. I am a bit up in the air about this ride so far, I would love to come, but I do not know what the weekend brings me yet. Depends on what time and when it will finish etc.
  16. unfortunately we're going to spend Saturday trying to find out why tony's bike has a flat tyre.

    so we can't make it - will be repairing instead
  17. Time? Location?

    10am TTP macca's car park?
  18. Why so late, that means that we wont be on the road till like 10:30. 9:30 sounds better to me :p That way we are rollin at 10 :grin:
  19. Hmm, any people definitely going? might pull out myself yet.
    I've a lot on my plate these days.