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[Adel] SAS test ride - 16th July

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Anthony, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. SA Scooter Club (aka. SAS)

    Sunday 16th July 2006.

    The ride is going to meet up at 10.30am at Le Cornus (Anzac Hwy). We will ride to Glenelg, then along the coast to Semaphore for lunch and then head back to town.

    It is for ALL scooters, plastic or metal, 50cc or 250cc, vespa or honda, as long as you are friendly, want to meet friends and want to ride in a group, then COME ALONG!!!

    You can also check out the new page for the SA Scooter Club and for more info on the ride.


    It's off if it rains. :( So let's hope for sun shine!!

  2. sounds good mate!

    would love to check it out!
  3. How many scooter are you hoping to turn up? Sounds cool but funny at the same time, to imagine a group of scooters hitting the road.
  4. you going akros tec?

    if you go i will go! just emailed tony aswell!
  5. ill be in coffins bay for my mothers 50th.... or id be there@
  6. Might. Supposed to be going out just after lunch. Think Tony would go and Adam would go if he knows any three of us go.
  7. yeah adam would def be up for it, especially after his mods and its kinda down his way.

    soft delusionl... ;)

    where u headed scotty?
  8. lol siggy... me soft.. u think i cna go 700km in a matter of hrs :p sheesh.. i wont be taking the RX-7 home:p
  9. I am hoping as many as possible will be there. It is not a race, just an opportunity for people to meet other people who rides scooters. Plus the more scooter riders we can band together, the more potential we have to make a change.
  10. how many actual members are there ant?

    also woulndt mind giving a few scooters a run, especially you ant!
  11. this is all biker friendly is it?
  12. if you can handle staying below 60kmhs :D
  13. if you have a bike, then it's better to check out SAMRATS. Just click on my link and then click on SAMRATS on the left. They are for bikes. But if you want to hang with us, nothing stops you, other than looking silly. :)

    Members?!?! considering this ride is sort of our Club Launch, it's kinda hard to say we have members before we start. The website and flyers were only done since last week.... But I guess you should know how I can make things big and grow since you were a member of my car club. :)
  14. All scooters... plastic or metal?

    Is this like the plastic fantastic jap bike vs real metal harley thing but for scooters? :)
  15. Yep, that's right.

    The Adelaide Scooter Club is for traditional vintage scooters (Vespa/Lambretta etc.).

    This (the SA Scooter Club) is a general scooter club - all makes will be welcome.

    and yes, there are individuals in the scooter world who hate anything to do with modern scooters. Just like the bike world (sports bike vs cruiser) and the car world (Holden v. anything not Holden). :cool:
  16. too true. Pretty silly really. But I hope people can see pass that and understand what SAS is about. For example Rider Safe has just put up training course to over $500 (~$150 before). And that is a requirement to ride anything over 50cc. But they are now talking about even 50cc scooter riders will need to do such course.

    This issue affects ALL scooters, and this is what SAS aims to fight for. We will need to band togehter to create the numbers so that the goverment will take us seriously and make appropriate changes.

    Other things such as riding in bike lanes, safety boxes at intersection and parking are issues which we will tackle.
  17. And so they should!

    50cc scoots need the same skills to ride as bigger scoots, perhaps even more skills as you need to be more aware of limitations such as acceleration and top speed.

    If the SAS are planning to lobby AGAINST compulsory rider training for people wanting to ride 50cc scoots, then you've just lost at least one potential member, as - with all due respect - that would be the stupidest thing the SAS could possibly do.
  18. not to lobby against, but set up a course that is more in the $150 range, use your own scoot and have exercise that is more in tune with scooter riding. ie. no clutch control.

    I am already in talks with Ride Craft about setting up a scooter riding training course.

    anyway this is way off topic, set up another thread if you wish to discuss.

    The whole idea of this topic is to get as many scooter riders out and join the club as possible, so that we can make changes and initiate rule changes, rather than be told what to do by politicians who has never been on a motorcycle, let alone a 50cc scooter!!!
  19. braddo i hope you ca make it. would love to see how your 70 kit goes ;)

    anyone told paul at city skoots?
  20. I hope I can too!

    City Skoots currently has my scooter - it needs a carby rebuild, new piston and some exhaust porting will be done while it's apart.

    Hopefully it will be back tomorrow - if so, I'll be there Sunday for the ride.