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[Adel] SAS monthly run: 15th Oct

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Anthony, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. Sunday 15th Oct 2006 (every 3rd Sunday of the month)

    Meet: East Tce Continental
    Where: 6 East Tce Adelaide (between North Tce & Rundle St)

    Time: 9am eat breakfast, leave 10am sharp. (if you come late and haven't finished, doggy bag or catch up)

    Who: Anyone and everyone with a scooter / step through. ALL makes, models, and capacity are welcome.

    Ride: Open to suggestions till 10th Oct.

    Please sing out if you are coming for breakfast, or want us to wait for you. ETC is usually packed out.

    Please email, MSN, call or SMS me if you want to meet up on the way or be registered on my database for updates on future events.

    Cheers and see you there!

  2. Yes it was a great day and thanks very much for everyone who came. Especially the Vespa boys.... YeePee... our first Vespa on our run. :)

    We had breakfast at East Terrace Continental from 9-10am. Then we geared up (great to see everyone wore sensible riding gear) and heading out along Port Rd to Port Adeliade. Then we had a quick stop at the Newport Quays where we took some photos before we continued on to Outer Harbour and along Military Rd for another quick stop, photo and chat along West Lakes. Then for the first time, I took a wrong turn and lead 3 others scoots down the wrong road while the others continued on the right route. It was only a few blocks later before we caught up to the group again.

    Eventually we wind our way to Glenelg, Jetty Rd. We sat outside UN Cafe for some coffee and cake under the sun.

    I hope to see more scooters next time and hopefully more people sign up to become SA Scooter Club members also, so we can continue to provide the events and fun.