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[Adel] Overnight ride weekend to Robe, 18/19 March

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by fred_kroft, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hello all,

    There is going to be a ride day organised for an over
    night stay in Robe during the 18th - 19th of March

    Meet at the Burnside Town Hall for a 12pm start.
    (Corner of Greenhill Rd and Portrush Rd)

    You can organise accommodation yourself, but
    if you would like to try to get a discount, then
    I can put you incontact with the organiser (I
    don't want to publish his email address here).

    At the moment there is about 9 people going.

  2. Sea-vu caravan park is bike friendly, if you are looking for a place to stay.
  3. Anyone interested in going can PM me

    BTW we leave at 10am give us more time for drinking...

    Motel booked for confirmed peeps :)
  4. Trip Account--

    The trip was fantastic.


    We were doing wicked speeds down there.

    While in Robe, we did as the Robians would do and walked to
    the pub, haded many jugs of cheap VB and all got smashingly
    smashed. there was a heated swimming pool at the motel,
    which I was not dressed for, and got subsequently thrown in.

    We ended up all drinking in the middle of the motel
    car park. The more senior guests were apparently not very
    happy with are loud carryings-on, antics, course language and
    sexual references.

    It was bloody great ;)... what a weekend ;)

    We all took it easy riding back ;), due to the cops and hang overs.
    I was buggered. Pretty much went to bed.

    SA riders, you missed out on a bloody good night ;)

  5. nice one, i went to robe when i was a kid, gorgeous little town, i thought it was awesome that you could drive onto the beach, not much use with a road bike though :shock: