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[Adel] Coffee tonight - Sunday - Glenelg

Discussion in 'Other States' started by AF2AF3, Oct 16, 2005.

  1. Anyone interested in meeting up for a coffee tonight,
    down the Bay?

  2. tempting ... nice weather for it.....but i dont think id make it : -(
  3. It doesn't have to be for long.

    C'mon say yes, ..............you know you want to.

    Nice night for a little spin.

    Did you watch the MotoGP today ?
  4. what time and where? i can be there in 10 minutes
  5. This a regular thing?
  6. How about a little after 7:30

    I'll be in front of Maccas, blue helmet, blue visor, green Airforce jacket.
  7. i'll cruise down soon
  8. next sunday nite anyone? 7.30 at the Post office?
  9. if it doesnt rain that night, ill be there with my bro. i have a silver zx2r n my bro has a cbrr. hope to meet up with u guys
  10. A bit of rain aint gonna hurt you!!!!
    Some of the SV Downunder crew should be there too.
  11. I'll be there..........if it aint rainin'
  12. maybe we can get a group discount on wet weather gear

    Come on guys, its a bit of water!!! lol :shock:
  13. so is anyone actually going then?
  14. it's a bit wet out there...........
    ....and the MotoGP is on
  15. more wind than rain really. Well, I went. You just got to do these things sometimes. And some SV people turned up, so it was good. See ya all next weekend
  16. anyone going this sun? ill be there. its going to be a warm night too!!
    where should i meet u fellas?
  17. outside the post office is a good spot. I'll be on a black sv650, naked model, buell screen. Red, silver and black lid.
  18. yea no worries ill be there!
  19. see ya all down there dudes
  20. hiya guys, i'm new here, can't make this one due to just signing up. Hope to meet all of the SA people.