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[ADEL] City ot Barossa ride, SUnday 12th February - PICS!!

Discussion in 'Other States' started by edgelett, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. Thought I'd mention this as we will most likely be going along..

    This is a SMARTS ride, but basicly everyone's welcome.

    12th February - City to Barossa Run
    Riders gather at the BP petrol station-West Tce 8.30-9.00am for coffee & munchies.
    Ride departs 10.00am sharp.
    The route: Magill Road-Norton Summit-Basket Range-Forrest Range-Lenswood-Lobethal- Gumeracha-Mt Pleasant-Williamstown-Springton-Eden Valley-Angaston-Nuriootpa- Tanunda. (Main Street, near the lolly shop)
    Ride will approx 130km

    Hope to see some of you there!

  2. SAMRATS Yay :)

    Good to see another SAMRAT here :) Hiya. I havent been to a run for a bit, the last one was the Toy Run. Nice to meet ya.
  3. I've only been on 2 rides so far, as I only got my L's in August. first was the pink ribbon ride, 2nd was the toy run. But we had a ball at both & everyone was really friendly & made us feel welcome.

    Hope to see you on the 12th!
  4. Ill definately be there. :)
  5. That sounds like a bloody good route. I'm going ! ;)

    BTW.. to ask a silly question, what is SAMRAT ?

    cheers ;)


  7. reads like a great ride... I 'd love to join in but it would be a 2hr+ trip to get to the barossa from up here :(
    might be able to join in the nurioopta to tanunda leg!!! :LOL: :LOL:
    Maybe when they do something abit closer, like a Clare run...
  8. Sounds like a great ride... count me in... :grin:
  9. tally Ho, I'm in............

    Edge' you goin' to coffee tomorrow ?
  10. I can't come tomorrow. my dad's coming over to have a look at my suspension (very bouncy at the moment)

    But I look forward to seeing you Sunday!
  11. Sounds like a good ride but I'm supposed to be goin to Mannum that day..... Might come along and shoot off half way through.... Hope no one follows me ;)
  12. well for those who don't know me - if you go on the ride, look for a black CB250 with L plates next to a black CB1300.