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[ADEL] A Blat to Victor Harbour (Sunday 30th October)

Discussion in 'Other States' started by fred_kroft, Oct 22, 2005.

  1. Hi All

    There is a ride day organised for 30th October to Victor Harbour.
    The meeting place is Burnside Townhall and the departure time
    is 10am.

    (Nb/ I don't know why it's on the same date and place as the
    Pink Ribbon ride -- probably because it's a nice day ?.. I don't know).

    Below are full details from "the ClubE Riders" mailing list.

    See you all there ;) (with a cooperative TP sensor)


    Biker people,

    Well here it is. We got the maps out and have planned ourselves a
    route. Looks like it is going to be pretty similar to our first run but we
    decided that a run down to Cape Jervois would just be a bit too long
    and a bit too boring. So I hope you will all be able to make it, going on
    my past choices the weather will hopefully be perfect for us. We will be
    stopping for lunch in Victor Harbour but unfortunately I will need to
    take to take off to Mclaren Vale at this stage so Greg Hillier will
    take over as Temporary Poo Bah and will lead you back to the city. So this
    time I will provide some simple rules.......just enough for everything
    to run smoothly.

    1. Arrive ten minutes early and please have full tank of gas ( Neal
    only carries a couple of litres and there is no guarantee of quality or

    2. The second person in the group will stop at any change of roads and
    wait until the allocated Arse End Bob has passed ( This is so the two
    fity's don't make their own route again )

    3. Please do not travel in excess of 200 kph as I will not be able to
    keep up.

    Ok here is the route:-

    Assembly at Burnside Town Hall as per usual for a Ten o'clock rollout.
    (Corner of Portrush and Greenhill rd ) ((Sunday 30/10))

    Now there will be a collection of bikes gathering on the opposite
    corner for the pink ribbon run so please do not be confused.

    They will be leaving at Ten also so if we get off before them we will
    go up the old freeway and then follow the below route.

    If we do not beat them off the mark we will be doing a run up Greenhill
    rd and then cut through and follow the route.

    Meadows ( Smoko )
    Victor Harbour ( Lunch )

    Lets have another great ride and stay upright.

    Grand Poo Bah
    ClubE Riders
  2. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add :wink:
  3. Won't be able to make it :-( Still trying to find a ZXR250 to buy in Adelaide, they are so fkn rare here it is impossible... Will probably be making the trip to NSW/QLD to find a bike... Gunna be a bloody decent ride home if I choose not to freight it... Arrr... Well you all have fun... Wish I could have made it guys... Stay safe guys.
  4. Wish I could make it but unfortunately I couldn't book in for my L's until the end of November. That and I still have to find myself a bike....... Have a good ride though. Looks like the weather is going to be pretty good for it.

  5. Dude theres a few in the trader i've seen have you checked them out? Otherwise Jap motorbike dismantlers has one for 5750 ive been eyeing for the last week...

    hmmm probably shouldn't be sharing this then if i want it too eh? :p
  6. Yeah sorry I'll make sure we fill up the night before just incase we're hungover again and sleep in :p

    Hey i resent this comment :p

    We were only following the guys infront thinking, hang-on shouldn't we have turned back there in Woodside... If it weren't for us they probably would still be somewhere in the hills looking for the rest of the ride :LOL:

    Yeah well, can we make that 150 my GPX is getting pretty tired :LOL:
  7. Thanks for the invite...unfortunately traded in the vtr this week and pick up new bike next friday..can u keep me posted on further rides???.

  8. ride report--

    We followed the Pink Ribbon riders up to Hahndorf, then split for
    Vic Harbour. The fagg was great. Lunch was had at the Crown

    I absolutely freezed my nuts off for most of the trip. That was
    very unpleasant ;(

    When we headed back to Adelaide, things went slightly pear when
    it was my turn to lead. I lead everyone to what I throught was
    back to Adeliaide. We went down 31km's of lumpy, rickerty
    road to arrive at some **it hole back water town I don't
    remember the name of.

    One rider commented something like-- "That road
    nearly did my back in. Glad I don't have to do that again !"

    We then discovered that an accident caused one of the two
    roads leading out of the town to be blocked, and so we had
    to head back to Victor Harbour.

    Moaning and grissling then ensued.
  9. Sounds like a Ulyssess chapter ride :)
  10. :p