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Adding some colour to my M50

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by OZChris, Jul 12, 2009.

  1. I have playing around with adding some stripes to my M50, just thought that I'd share.

    Is it too much for a cruiser? The second colour is actually red, but appears as orange on the black paintwork.



  2. I like the white. But go with what you want, just be aware that modding the paintwork can bring down the price of your bike since a lot of people will think you're trying to cover up a drop/damage or the like...
  3. I like the white as well.
    As their stickers you shouldn't be damageing the paint.
    Never happened on a MINI and whole cars were covered :)
  4. That was my thinking too

  5. :cool:
    Looks great, I don't mind either to be honest.
  6. I like either, probably prefer the white if the red comes up orange (or is that just the photos?) High contrast is a good effect.
  7. Yeah the red comes up orange - I assume that it's because the black paint work is coming through the vinyl.

    Already getting people making Harley comments???
  8. White looks great!

    Dont stress over resale, its your bike, enjoy it!

  9. Thanks

    Resale what's that :)
  10. I also think white looks best. Gives it a really classic and classy look.
  11. I tried blue last weekend, lasted 10 minutes.


    Ended up going silver (at least for now :) )

  12. I like it on the tank, still think I prefer the high contrast of the white on the tail.

    But who cares what I think? :grin:
  13. White for sure IMO :cool:
  14. Speaking of contrast, what about a chrome stripe :p

  15. Maybe... suit the frame/exhaust...