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Adding insult to injury...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by TonyE, Dec 9, 2008.

  1. It appears that if you crash in some parts of the US and you are considered "at fault" - you get billed for ALL the emergency services, including police and fire brigade...

    details here...

  2. So all those taxes people pay for public services...? :?
  3. Only in America.... I hope! That example of the motorcycle accident has got to be some sort joke, "seven firefighters, an assistant chief, two fire vehicles" for a motorbike accident!

    The fire levy on you home insurance pays for a large chunk of fire services and ambulance insurance stops you have having to pay potential thousands, so hopefully the police won't start charging.
  4. I don't know don't you already pay for Ambulances...
  5. That must be Nakka's idea of heaven - user pays taken to the nth degree.
  6. No doubt you can also insure against all eventualities.... ?
  7. I think in QLD your ambo cover is already part of your rego(might be something else) Should be aus wide imho.
  8. If you call them to your home in NSW. Not sure about if they show up at an accident.
  9. I don't like the idea that if someone ELSE calls emergency services that YOU get the bill for it.

    Sounds unfair to me, particularly if ES aren't required.

    Thankfully here in Victoria it's all covered under TAC, whether or not you're at fault.
  10. AFAIK you WILL be billed for an ambulance in Vic for any matter other than a traffic accident, unless you have insurance that covers it or you are an ambulance member.
    Ambulance membership is a worthwhile investment.

    A recent example, where a friends child was slightly injured, (small cut to arm) at a community event, in the panic two ambulances were called, before the parent was phoned which resulted in a $800+ bill.
  11. Road Accident fee is $290 + $2.62 p/km up $4752 for an Emergency call out
  12. Hmm, to all the people speculating on the costs being 'insured' or not from insurance/taxes/rego etc, isn't the OP topic actually in USA? No matter the cirumstances for us Aussies, USA has their own rules. And since their economy is a disaster atm, they might be calling to collect as much $$ from people and not the state for public service costs?

    As titus says, the person referenced is the one who needs specific insurance at least to curb costs in such a cirscumstance. We all know how USA loves their personal insurance options :grin:
  13. The point isn't about being charged for an ambulance - but the fact that police and fire brigades are charging.
  14. Druck me funk! I wonder if any car insurance or CTP covers it.
  15. That's why you need to subscribe to the ambulance. The low annual fee is very cheap insurance - beaing in mind it's not just road trauma that may call them out.
  16. If you have private health cover check your policy. It may cover Ambos. Mine (Latrobe Health) does. But a stand alone subscription isn't that dear. Under $100 a year, I think. Or it was.

    A mate thought he had it. Had an accident on his farm. Ambo was called, carted off to Hospital. Cost him $6,000 which he thought the health policy covered. Turns out he had the lowest cover. Silly person...
  17. $60 per year for singles, I pay for it separately just in case my cover now or in the future doesn't cover larger things like a chopper delivery.
  18. This thread reminded me that I don't have membership! I've been meaning to get it for ages.

    I've paid online ($60 like MJT57 said) and as of 5pm tomorrow I'm covered...

    Just gotta be extra careful till then... :LOL:
  19. You're OK if anything happens on the bike because the TAC covers that - just don't fall off any ladders. :LOL: