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Adding insult to injury after a near miss

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by zenali, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. I was coming along William St (Melbourne) this evening, heading away from the city towards the Vic Market. As I approached A'Beckett St, on my right, I saw a guy at the stop sign waiting to pull out. He was looking towards the Market and the traffic coming to his right. He clearly didn't check to the left, and so totally missed my rapid approach. My spider senses were tingling, so I eased off the throttle a little, just in case.

    Without even glancing over his left shoulder he pulled right out in front of me. Good thing I'd slowed down and was ready with the brakes - otherwise I would have slammed right into the side of him. As it was, I hit the anchors, and he flashed past me.

    I hit the horn to let him know that he'd been a dope, and should have looked for oncoming traffic in both directions, not just one. To add insult to injury, he twisted around and flipped me off, before speeding off.

    Oh, you may all be muttering to yourselves about typical cagers, never looking out for bikes, driving like morons. Ordinarily I might agree with you. But here's the thing:

    I was in a car. He was on a scooter.

    I almost collected this guy because he didn't look to see whether there was a car coming. If I hadn't braked I would have cleaned him up. At the very least he would have had a trip to hospital.

    Sometimes it isn't just the cagers who need to wake up and pay attention. We all do.
  2. Good advice. Though I'd say that bad habits are bad habits, whether driving a car or PTW.
  3. I'd have to say I think my car driving observational skills have improved out of sight since getting my bike license....

    well done on avoiding him.
  4. Well I have to disagree, as a rider, you are better driver and more aware of threats to safety on the road.

    Now that might sound strange, given the other guy is a 'rider', but the problem here is that he was a wanker on a SCOOTER. Scooter 'riders' are generally worse than cagers :|
  5. Why were you in a car?

  6. The flaw in this story is;a scooter rider is not a motorcyclist,merely a cager on a motorised bike.
    The fact he didnt look confirms my point.
  7. I second that -- I find that now I am a bike rider as well that I am a more cautious car driver
  8. Zenali -- I would like to assume that he flipped you off because hitting the horn make him or her crap their pants and as such they didnt like what you did

    two ways to look at it - hitting the horn could have caused them to do something rash and maybe end up in a bad situation


    it will make them think twice before they do the same thing again in traffic ( not check rather than giving you the bird )

    In no way am I judging you for your actions rather just bringing up a point of view for consideration
  9. I know.

    We all lapse sometimes. I'm on a 12 step program to deal with the problem.
  10. Fair point too. But if I hadn't given the horn a go I don't think he would even know that I'd had to brake to avoid him.
  11. At least he wasn't on a bike.
  12. Im feelin the scooter love in this thread
  13. I agree, I haven't even bought a bike yet but after getting my L's a few months ago I find myself giving bikes more room and understanding why they do what they do.
  14. I was once pulling out of a side street onto St Georges Rd in Northcote, but saw a rider a fair distance up the street, so as I like it when I'm riding, didn't pull out to let him come past. What do I get? The dude on a motocross flips me the longest bird I've experienced, because I nudged my nose out before stopping for him.

    Funny how as a rider you get treated like schiezen by your fellow two wheelers.
  15. Also agree that ever since I started riding I have found I am more courteous towards anything on 2 wheels while driving a cage or truck. The other day I was on Sydney road with the truck in the left lane but closer to the centre line so I got close to the kerb to allow the harley that was trying to go past easy access.
  16. Took the pre-learner to realise all those bikes and scoots alternating wheel tracks in front of the car are being smart and not, in fact, attention whoring gits deserving of rage and bitterness <_<
  17. Welcome to NetRider!

    I think all drivers could do with a six-month stint on two wheels.
  18. Up til moving to a different building recently I used that intersection regularly and although it's easy to see vehicles coming at busy times finding a gap to get out of A'Beckett is interesting.
  19. Scooter riders hey....


    There is this one guy with what seems like the same attitude that often rides up/down Riversdale Rd on a bright red scooter with the most ridiculous windscreen on it that a few people would like to have words with...

    He's come perilously close to me when I was on my pushie (NFI why), almost hit another guys car that works in the office next door (it came up whilst we were making jokes about "real bikes") and I witnessed him force his way into a gap, that he simply shouldn't have after some really questionable splitting.

    I'm sure he excelled in idiot rider 101.

  20. Ordinarily I would agree with the scooter's are ridden by idiots comments but one chap I work with who recently bought a scooter for commuting/shopping convenience owns two other 'real bikes' and has been a 'real rider' for many years.