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Adding GPS functionality.

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by OzDJ, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. NOTE: I wasn't sure which was the best sub-forum to post this in. It *is* related to a scooter; isn't a "Major modification or custom" effort; it's kind of a review.... blah blah blah.... If a moderator wants to move it somewhere, please go ahead.

    Anyway, I finally got around to adding some GPS goodness to the scoot. Having spent a lot of time searching the Netrider archives for previous GPS discussions, I thought some of you might me interested in what I bought and why.

    Story and pix here.....


    Feedback (here or on the moblog directly) is welcome, as always.
  2. beautifully told story... and informative. thanks for the entertainment :)
  3. Looks like a good buy :)

    You might want to put up the place of purchase and the make/model so it is beneficial to others looking at doing the same thing.

    It looks like a good gps unit for other riders looking to purchase
  4. Fair enough, Kraven. I was a bit hesitant about mentioning the shop or the price too much for fear of being labelled a spammer :(

    Anyway, seeing as you asked. :grin:

    The unit was purchased from Johnny Appleseed GPS at Strathfield ( http://www.ja-gps.com.au ).

    It is a Garmin Quest with City Navigator v6.01 and is currently on sale at Johnny Appleseed for $847.00 ( http://www.ja-gps.com.au/garmin_quest_1.html ).

    The mounting hardware is by RAM Mounts ( http://www.ja-gps.com.au/ram-mount1.html ). Used 1 x U-Bolt mount; 1 x short extension mount; 1 x diamond (shape) plate ball mount; 1 x Quest-compatible cradle. All of these bits came to a total of $50.00.

    Total outlay = $897.00.... and a lot of explaining to my other half when she gets home in about 20mins time. :shock:
  5. I was looking at the quest about a year ago when I was driving full time. Awesome unit, its tiny yet powerful.

    Appleseed is expensive, even at the sale price that you paid, CH SMITH MARINE have it cheaper.

    You paid less for your mount, the mount designed for motorcycles is $119 from CHSM.

    JA do a fair amount of advertising, CHSM doesnt and therefore I guess can afford to be cheaper.
  6. Nah, spammers are those that plug their own business. ;)
  7. Just had a look at that other place. I tried to find the Etrex Legend C which I bought from JA recently. Cost me $419. This Smith mob has the new one for around $480. And I also scoured the net, inc. Ebay. JA was the cheapest.

    I'm currently researching a GPS for the car for the missus. You know, of those that give you instructions. Not sure what to get, yet.
  8. Purchased last month from C.H.Smith
    Etrex Legend C GPS $410
    City Navigator All Austcapitals including auto routing $340
    Suction car bracket $66
    Bike mount bracket $38.50
    Carry case $ 30
  9. hey DuHAST, I wouldn't have thought you would need GPS; with your usual charming ways, I would have thought that people would be eager to tell you where to go......
  10. If you haven’t got anything to add to the GPS thread Hornet then bugger off, anyways old timer isn’t it past your bedtime yet?
  11. I could add a lot to the GPS thread; I sell them as a matter of fact.

    But that was much more fun..... :p
  12. Hope your teeth didn’t fall out whilst you where laughing so hard.

    But seriously I didn’t buy a GPS because I needed one, as im not an anal rider, I pick directions to travel not destinations, and I don’t much care where I end up, I just wanted one, like most consumers we buy what we want not what we need.

    The feature that I like the best is the track feature where after riding somewhere unknown the GPS will record the roads you took so you can duplicate that ride again some day if you wish.
  13. I just bought a Garmin 60Cx and a copy of Metroguide software (city and rural maps but no auto routing and a fair bit cheaper than City Navigator). I wanted a multi purpose unit and didn't need auto routing. The x on the 60Cx means it takes the mini SD memory cards so storage isn't a problem.

    I seriously looked at the Quest it's a great unit, but I wanted a do most things unit in a hand held form factor.

    I was thinking of getting a RAM mount but I got a bike/marine rail mount instead (cheaper and it'll only be on there occasionally).

    One thing I will say to people is a GPS is only as good as it's mapping software.

    The biggest problem I found with GPS was working out which features I had to have, which would be nice to have and which ones I didn't want... then fitting that together into my budget :)
  14. George, do you try hard to be a prick or does it come naturally?
  15. I wanna Quest but they finance dept says I don't need one :(
  16. I have one (quest) and love it, RAM mounted on the bike and suction mounted while in the 4x4
  17. GPS

    I got a pda with a bluetooth gps receiver.
    $550 + tomtom5 software for $400.

    does GPs well - I can carry it with me anywhere and it plays music and does my email when travelling. Works a treat too - havent gotten around to mounting it as I'm getting a new bike in the next coupla months for a trip around OZ.
  18. Geoff, what's the map detail like for the Metroguide? I've just joined a Yahoogroup called "Tracks4Australia" where people contribute tracklogs, waypoint data and so forth. What results are uploadable maps that are imported into Mapsource (I'm using it with Trip and Waypoint Manager). I uploaded a couple of maps to my Garmin Etrex Legend C. Detail's not bad, but it doesn't go down to street level in towns to the point where you can find the local Maccas or whatever.

    The Legend C does autorouting but I wonder if it's really needed for what I use the thing for - a glorified trip computer and a gadget to distract myself on the boring stretches and to see if I can avoid becoming a part of the scenery as I muck around with it...

    The missus is leaning on me for an in-car one, particularly one that can help her navigate Melbourne. Not sure what to do in that area, yet. But mother's day is coming up, and it may appease her, particularly when I announce that I want to upgrade from the old barge to something a tad more modern...