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Adding a little bit of pink

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by riderjayjay1, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. hey everyone, first time commenting on the site, i have just bought a 2012 Yamaha r15 and i wanna add a little bit of pink to the bike.

    i have found levers but i haven't been able to find anything more, we have been checking online and have even looked at ebay.

    im looking for things to add a pop of colour, like pegs, windscreen, levers, rims and the like.
  2. You could platic dip your rims pink. Whatever you do make sure its easily removeable, as when it comes time to sell, a pinked our bike will narrow your target market down to about 10%
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  3. that's a good idea, thanks, yeah that's why i'm looking for simple changes so when it do need to upgrade, i can revert it back to stock.

    do you know where i can find a store that plastic dips?
  4. this thread is going to be popular.... :popcorn:
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  5. You could consider rim tape as an alternative...
    Easy to apply, and easy to remove once your done with it.
    And much cheaper than plastidip.
  6. great! thank you
  7. just an idea.....

    you may look better in overalls.

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  8. i like your thinking
  9. Wish I had the body to pull something like those overalls off....though I'm not a huge fan of pink. I like your idea of adding touches of colour, good luck riderjayjay1riderjayjay1, you will have to post a photo when you finish it :)
  10. Shmeestar I wish I did too, but alas I'll need to stick to the pops of colour, it's really hard, we've only been able to source the levers at the moment.

    When I get it to where I want I'll be happy to show it off
  11. rim tape is probably your best option unless you want to remove parts for powdercoating or plastidipping.... like wheels and mirrors.

    you could also consider a powdercoated or anodized bolt kits, bar ends.... or pink grips??

    Pro-bolt Vehicle Search
  12. Yeh hand grips, bar ends, rim tape.

    You can do plasti dip yourself you just purchase it from autobahn. The beauty of this is you simply peel it off if you don't like it.

    Try it on something and if it looks pox peel it off.

    Or the overalls are also a good idea........
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  14. Which ones?
  15. Thanks man, I'm just struggling to find things. I have a general idea but it's hard to find things for r15's.
    I've found windscreens for r6's and r1's
  16. One of the other members had one of these Pink chains.
    Pazzo I think have Clutch and Brake levers in pink.

    But as above, keep your originals for resale when you trade the bike onwards.
  17. it is possible to get alloy parts stripped, then re-anodised and dyed with your choice of colour.
    but likely more expensive than buying pink in the first place... but if bits are not available....

    also... some red anodising dyes will turn pink with some heat or strong UV exposure.. another option (with a bit of work)

    these guys do good rim tape Custom Soft Pink Motorcycle CAR Truck RIM Stripes Wheel Decals Stickers Tape KIT | eBay
  18. I was looking at the same thing with mine but going green. But I cant get all the bits I want as probolt don't do green any more. Gave up and going for a custom painted fuel tank instead now.


  19. As someone who has used plasti-dip on my bike <--- Don't.

    One tiny stone chip on it and it and the hole opens up to a 20cent piece as the paint dries to an elastic cover. It stretches apart.
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  20. So much pink, but don't forget the stink.

    (The exhaust. I'm talking about the exhaust.)