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Addicted to anything sweet-Choc, icecream, lollies etc

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Tigress, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Anyone know how to help me stop eating so much sugar!

    I've tried all types of diets to claim to stop craving. At the end of the day If I feel like nutella on bread that's what I want and what I usually have :(

    I don't buy any at home but when I'm at work and I feel like something sweet, I walk over to Coles and buy it. Again, if I want it I have to have it.

    If people can stop smoking, stop drinking coke, taking drugs etc why can't I stop my sugar addiction?

  2. well the great truth with sugar addiction is there is no chemical alternative.
    plain and simple, you have to stop eating it, and in time cravings will reduce to zero.

    it's all about training your brain
  3. :( I wanted an easier way out

    oh well!
  4. Reportedly if you sniff something sweet it can ease sweet cravings.
    Try vanilla oil or something like that...
  5. Thats good advice 7sins,

    I'm struggling with the same at the moment, so will give that a try :)
  6. Take up smoking, much healthier for you
  7. one of these days some dipshit's gonna believe your trolling goz....

    yep i've heard of the smelling sweet stuff trick, but i've only ever heard of it being applied to chocolate addiction

    there is an easier way if you have an open mind
  8. I just finished a Chomp, then opened a packet of licorice allsorts.
    I have a Curly Wurly for later.
  9. LOL less calories for sure...but I'm a non smoker :)

    I did a detox for 2 weeks and curbed my cravings for bread, pasta and rice....sugar detox hasn't been so successful :( I think i need to be more stronger.

    HAHAHAHA too good!
  10. chomps and curly wurly's used to be awesome, now they're just shit
    and i've never been a fan of licorice [-(

  11. Cruel.....

    Boring, but buy fruit. Eating sugar, leads to eating more sugar and so on........replace the behaviour. Workout what the triggers are (boredom, tired.....?) and work on that. Good luck.
  12. What about chewing gum?
    Alternative is, only take your licence to work and leave cash/bank card at home.
  13. Often cravings are the bodies way of revealing a deficit. Commonly it is minerals- magnesium is one prominent one in chocolate.
    Sugar cravings can be overcome by mind over matter. But it is also very important to nourish your body with all of the necessary minerals- vitamins- amino acids and fats we need daily. This will be what allows you to maintain freedom from sugar/ choc cravings.
    If you'd like a hand or more info- just PM me. :)
  14. Soft. I comfortably polish off 2 litres of icecream in 2 sittings. My wife goes nuts at me :)
  15. Meags is right - can't say I ever really had a sugar addiction but was eating the shit you mention like it was going out of fashion, and I have a nice round buddha belly to show for it.

    Once you start to cut down on sugar it gets easier - the trick for me was to get some nice sweet fruits in before I really started dreaming about choc or anything else - keep some g****s/watermelon/tinned pears etc nearby at first and eventually it'll get better.
  16. I'm an emotional eater so I go for sugar when I'm happy, sad, bored etc.

    Mes do you work with nutrition or dieticians or have you gone through this. I'll pm you :)
  17. Get her to throw nuts at you....add some whipped cream and chocolate fudge and you have yourself a delicious sundae....

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmm............godammit, now I want ice cream sundae!

    I have NOTHING sweet in the house....

    that's my way of dealing. :angel:
  18. If that happens I go to the shops lol rain hail or shine..... I find the energy to do that but try get me to the gym and ill think of any excuse possible.
  19. Buy 24 packs of diet coke, drink as much as you want and never gain weight.
  20. Oh dear... now that's dedication. Ok I lied, today I have something sweet.... Jalna yoghurt.
    I'm gonna have some now.
    Maybe substitute a few things for healthier sweet foods...

    sometimes a spoonful of honey does the trick too, I find, when I REALLY have nothing in the house...

    (I must say I'm more a salty, crunchy person, but I'm also a girl, so I understand the sweet cravings as well)