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Addicted! :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Data Queue, May 23, 2010.

  1. Hi Guys,

    New Rider here. I did my first LAMS day today with Team Moto at Springwood QLD. I have to say that now I am hooked! I am hoping to complete the second two days this week. I want to be out and riding ASAP!

    I originally had my heart set on a xvs650 custom cruiser, however now I really have my doubts with the cruisers. I'm not a sportsbike fan so am looking for more of a nekkid tourer / sports tourer.

    I am going to be looking around, however at 6'6" and 135kg (yes massive but I am what I am - and shrinking) I need something a bit bigger due to my height and weight.

    Was thinking of an el cheapo Hyo gt650L comet or a suzi sv650. Any other thoughts of a good started bike for someone my size?

    And Hi, been reading the forums for a while, mostly good advice and some of it really helped me today :D
  2. welcome in bud, only takes 1 twist of the wrist to become hooked

    i dont recommend a hyosung, xvs650 is a good bike, try 1 before u look at the tourers

    or if u have the cash, have a look at the Yamaha FZ6RL or the Ninja 650L
  3. welcome tall one, you have a grand total of 14 inchs on me, so stay in QLD... :D

    Do a little homework on the Hyo 650's - they have a shitful history...

    Are you wanting to go down the cruiser path or sports path...?
  4. Welcome! Since I know nothing of bikes, I will keep my mouth shut beyond a cheery hello.
  5. Well. I originally wanted to go down the cruiser path... mainly because i was shit scared of leaning. Plus who doesn't like the look! :p

    But after actually leaning (i'm sure not much compared to you guys) I began to love it. Plus I guess I'm still undecided, however am now leaning more towards a nekkid. Something that I can go for fun squirts on without looking like a tool.

    I hear what you ar saying about the hyos, but my idea was to live with the "Hyundai" of bikes buying brand new with a warranty for 12 months and then onselling and upgrading to a "real" bike. Whatever that may be.

    make sense?
  6. That's cool.

    By the way. Nice Pic... Hubba Hubba Hubba!=D>

    I am a dirty perv... but mostly harmless.... mostly.
  7. I really really really recommend not going for a Hyo. Having ridden them (not owned) and many mates riding them, they are as problematic as you can get. If you have a car as well, and don't mind your bike being off the road for long periods at time (at the mechanics) then by all means go for it.

    I'd recommend the xvs650 or a naked GS500.
  8. heh - you should have seen her _first_ avatar. She could have said motorcycles are for losers and half the guys here would have drowned on their own drool in their rush to agree.

    (gargle gargle choke bubble splutter)
  9. I never saw her first avatar :'(
  10. Welcome mate. Good luck with your choice of wheels.

  11. Hi and welcome from another Brisbanite. Glad its all going well for you, hope you find the perfect bike so you can enjoy some of the great roads around here.
  12. i would choose the Suzuki over the chinese crap hyosung any day - cheap as you get what you paid for,
    oh i wish we would stop importing all this china shit.

  13. makes sense, but if the motor goes boom like they have been, yes it might have warranty, but u wont have a bike for 6 months till it gets fixed, even with smaller problems u could lose your bike for weeks.

    make sense? :)
  14. Slight correction, Hyos are from Korea.

    Definitely Suzi rather than Hyos.
  15. Nice bike mate. I do like the look of the gs500F. Is that going to have enough power to move a mountain like myself?

    I see that i am not so gently being prodded away from Hyos and will listen to you all. That and my brother in law said he'd buy me a pink skirt for buying a Korean Girl's bike :D.
  16. I'd say the hyo 650 may have a few extra hp than the gs but remember being lams, the 650 (all sports/tourer makes by the way) is restricted so you're not getting a full 650 anyway. I think 650 cruisers are not restricted possibly because they're usually a lot heavier.

    I can't see the gs having issues with your weight but it's all about how you feel on the bike. Go to some bike retailers and try sitting on them or if possible test ride them.
  17. So I sat on alot of bikes today and test rode 3. I went through about 8 dealers. It was a busy day.

    The GS500F - my knees hit the farings and was a bit too short for my liking.
    The GS500N (test rode) - Nice but as it is the same bike as above, and a bit too short for my liking being 6'6"
    Suzuki 650F (can't remember exact model) - wanted 11.5k on road. too expensive
    The Ninja650 Limited - Kinda felt wrong with the grub screw limiting the throtte movement to around 1 inch. Too expensive for a first bike.
    Kawasaki Naked (can't remember model) - It really felt too top heavy for me and overall very "wrong" at least for me.
    The xvs650 - SEXEH, but i think that it's a bit half assed in the fact that it's not the cruiser I want. I really love the M109 or the triumph roadster... sex on 2 wheels. Again the yama was too pricey for a first bike.

    Finally Sat on a Hyo GT650R (LAMS)
    Position and Height - tick
    test ride - tick
    power - tick for the moment
    2 year warranty - tick
    price - 9k on the road - big tick, that was the best price of 3 dealers.

    I ended up buying the hyo GT650R (full fairing red/black) based on price, warranty and it fit me best. Not sure if the price is the best deal ever, or even a good deal, however the dealer was ready to let me walk out at that price so I figured that was as Low as they'd go.

    I may regret my purchase (as alot of people keep aluding to) but I can unlock to a full power in a year and I have a nissan 350gt as a backup (now really will be the wife's car). I know it's a cage but i love almost anything petrol powered.

    Plus two of my friends have had hyos for 3+ years without issue. Time will tell and you can all feel free to /flame if you want. :D

    Should be good with Finance. I'll find out tomorrow.
  18. double post :(
  19. Good work mate. The quality of the Hyos has increased in leaps and bounds since they went to the fuel injection models, I hope it serves you well!
  20. Well done, best bike is one that feels right.....