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Add your comments here for open photo comps - CLOSED

Discussion in 'Monthly Photo Competition' started by goz, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. As we don't want comments in the photo comp thread, please use this thread to make your comments

  2. So I'm gonna try and get air on my DR650 while wearing a cape and a pink shirt
  3. OMG...that Macro of jd's....

    I am yet to master the stack, but then again i never tripod shoot etc!
  4. It's fairly easy to do if you have a copy of Photoshop. Just use the scripts>load files into stack, then select all the layes and use the edit>auto align and edit>auto blend commands. Depending on how many layers you have you may need to crop the edges of the image, so keep this in mind when framing the shot.

    For the actual photos you do need a sturdy tripod, a macro rail, and a decent light source as a minimum. I use a Chinese Yongnuo YN468 flash on a cable, since it's virtually the same as Canon's 430EX - but is less than a third of the price. Macro rail I picked up off ebay, and the tripod I use is an old Japanese made one designed for video cameras that someone gave me for free.
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  5. Unconnected, cool shot. So close to running out of fuel :eek:
  6. Thanks [MENTION=33888]BitSar[/MENTION] for your comments in the other thread. (I replied there initially before I realised that it wasn't in the discussion thread)...

    Thanks also [MENTION=14639]smee[/MENTION] for deleting the other comments.

    Feel free to try to guess what the photo is of :)
  7. Looks like a close-up of a butterfly wing.
  8. Heh.. it obviously wasn't as abstract as I thought it might be :)
  9. For really abstract stuff you need to bump up the magnification, for example:

    I do actually have a mount for my DSLR on an Olympus BH-2 microscope, but haven't really had the time to play with it (only used it for far less interesting work-related stuff so far).
  10. Hmm.. expensive lab equipment is a little outside my realm of accessibility, but I agree that things at that scale can look pretty weird (and cool!) :) You're lucky getting to play with that sort of thing :)

    The butterfly wing was shot at 1:1, handheld, at Melbourne Zoo, and is cropped a little from the original.. I liked the fact that the pattern looked kind of like an encoded binary message or something..

    The trouble with butterflies (or other live subjects) is it's hard to get the blighters to sit still, and the 1:1 macro makes it hard to get good focus hand held. It would be awesome to be able to set up a tripod, use my extension tubes and do some sort of focus stacking like you did with your crystals, but it wasn't gonna happen in that sort of an environment :)
  11. I actually managed to pick up a second BH2 microscope off ebay for just $80 from a seller in Singapore that specialises in surplus lab gear (the first one was given to me for free). Of course the microscope to camera adapter ended up costing me $300, though it is easily interchangeable between the two (one's reflected light, the other's transmitted light).

    Still, given the conditions you're working under - nice work :).
  12. Gongrider: I like it... was that pic taken using a tilt/shift lens, or is there some photoshop magic going on?
  13. I reckon photoshop, its apparently quite easy (well...perhaps not easy) to do in photoshop if you know how to use it.

    Unless he does have a tiltshift lens...but damn they are expensive aren't they?!

    If it is photoshop have you got any links to where you learned how to do it?
  14. Easy to do if you own one of the newer Canon Eos', it's one of the inbuilt "creative filters".
  15. Haha certainly no lens involved.

    Would you believe the photo was taken with my iPhone?

    There's a few apps that make the tilt shift effect dead simple. This is the best result I've had with it.
  16. Bastard! Worked very well

    Oh really?

    Damn my lowly 500D :(
  17. Uc will cruise it in but
    That photo on a bike will seal the deal.

    You really shud shave your legs more often
  18. I'm pretty sure the competition is about being creative, I'm severely disappointed with most of the offerings so far.
  19. i sort of am also but each to their own, the public will vote
  20. So where's your contribution?