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Add me to the statistics, I dropped my bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Tonbi, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. Yeah the title says it all. :shock:

    Last night on the way home, stopped at stop sign to go left and dropped the bike on the left side while stopped. I think I put my foot down too wide and with the slight curve in the road I pulled the bike off balance and before I realised it was leaning too much for me to pull upright. So I tried to slowly lay it down. :oops:

    No real major damage, a few scratches and I think I bent the gear lever cause it's now touching the bike at the top of changing gears, though it doesn't stop me changing gears at all.

    Afterwards I picked the bike up and went for another 10 mins of riding to see if it was running alright and to practice some slow stuff.

    I knew I should have borrowed my son's training wheels :LOL:
  2. It happens to most
  3. Oh man, I feel ya! I did the exact same thing but only worse.. during a test ride of the bike i was going to buy lol
  5. That sucks mate ... at least its something you can chalk up to experience, and hopefully wont happen again.

    My Guess : He owns the bike :p :p
  6. Ahh these things happen.
    Least you did what you could do minimise the damage after realising the inevitable.
    If the shift lever is steel it should be easy enough to persuade back into shape with a hammer.
  7. I still bought the bike! No biggie since I figured that I was going to scratch up the bike anyhow being a new learner. However it doesn't help much with your bargaining power.. :oops:

    So now I know
    a) never to stop near a curb at the intersection b) work out those muscles to be able to pick the damn bike up!
  8. Yeah, though hate that moment when you realise that you just have to let go and let it fall :LOL:

    I did do a little adjustment of the level this morning so it doesn't hit the frame anymore
  9. Even worse is that realisation after you pick it back up that some bits are still on the ground :LOL:.
  10. Touché!

    I'm so pleased I didn't drop my bike today having just bought it... I was terrified I would!
  11. It pays to work out.
  12. yeh happened to me as well... in a car park i did a rookie move, front brake whilst in a slow turn.... was not fun considering i was late for work and it was BOILING hot...plus at that stage i had no idea how to pick up a bike....

    but thanks to youtube.. im fully prepared for my next drop (if it happens)
  13. Picking up a dropped bike is 90% technique tough guy.
  14. Thanks for not getting personal.
    I was referring to keeping it held up/bringing it back upright once it starts tipping over - which requires a bit of muscle (core strength) because your straddling your bike and can't really put your body weight behind it; as you would if it was lying on the ground, in which case technique would be key.

    Tough Guy
  15. hehe.

    Just joking around mate, sorry to offend.
  16. :LOL: All good.

    It is after all just the internet :p
  17. i know how u feel..

    i *placed* my bike on the ground.... basically i was about to drop it but i stopped it most of the way down but didn't have the strength not to let it touch the ground *goes back to gym* anyway, the result was some holes in the decal stickers, no scratching of the paint and the blinker popped a washer... i got no idea where from as all the nuts are still there.... but yea...

    such is life...
  18. If your going to lay it down gently, put it so the bar end is touching the ground first so you don't bend clutch/brake levers and hopefully get away with a few cracks/scratches.

    This is of course after yelling for help...a bit hard when your wearing a helmet. *muffled screaming*.

    I was chaperoning a friend of mine when she almost dropped her bike, lucky for her I wasn't too far behind.