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Add me to the Brissie section....

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Trigger, May 13, 2007.

  1. G'Day all
    ok..ok I've lurked for long enough

    I'm Trigger..English born Australian (don't mention the cricket)...citizenship ceremony in June,been in Aus 5 years,currently on board a '04 CBR600RR.

    Married with 3 kids..yes does have a tendency to slow ya down.....,been riding off and on since i was 16...Yam FS1E..Suz GN250 and Kawa GPZ500.

    when I get a chance I'll sort out the garage pics

    catch ya later
  2. Welcome aboard.....

    Poms are ok cos they dont ever meet us in any sports we can't beat them in.... even darts
  3. Welcome Trigger,

    We hope you can make it along to the Coffee Club or one of the multitude of events that have been going on. :grin:

    So you've had bikes from all 4 major jap manufacturers...which one is best? :wink:

    say Yamaha, say Yamaha, say yamaha
  4. g'day trigger

    welcome to netrider. hope to see you soon on a ride :) the cbr600 is a bike that i'm considering for upgrade ;) love them.

    congrats on the ciizenship as well !!! :D
  5. hey buddy welcome

    :woot: have the same year CBR600rr

    have a good one champ
  6. Hi Trigger. Welcome to NR :grin:

    Giddy up :wink:
  7. a walking dick and nutsack.... nice.

    Welcome mate if you want to meet the locals come along to te coffewe club down in milton.. You will see a lot of us!
  8. Thanks for the welcome...yeah Muttley of course my Yamaha moped was miles better than my CBR... :rofl:
  9. Welcome Trigger! :grin:
    You will have to join us for our rides.....
    and at the CC on Fridays :grin: .....
    and camping :roll:
    and go-karting :grin:
    and welcoming the Victorians :p ......
    (Gosh no wonder I am tired all the time.... :LOL: )