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Add armour to old motorcycle jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kernel, Dec 15, 2015.

  1. Haven't called and asked any tailors about this yet.
    Is it possible to have armour pockets added to a jacket for a reasonable price?
    I've got an old motorcycle jacket that was a gift from my dad who passed away last year. It's a Mars leather motorcycle jacket made from leather they haven't been able to get for many years so it's quite rare.
    I need to get it tailored for me anyway because it's too big.
    Can they add armour pockets to it as well so that I can install armour to turn it into a good protective jacket by today's standards?
    Here is a picture of the jacket:

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  2. If money's not a problem it can probably be done, so if it's purely sentimental reasons then look at it. For my 2c, for what it is likely to cost you could get a brand new armoured jacket that fits properly.
  3. I've had this done to an old jacket I have. It was done by some very reputable people but they specifically asked me not to mention who they are or the price as they found the work pretty tedious/labour intensive for the price they quoted and didn't want to get a reputation for doing this type of work. I got elbow, shoulder and back protector pockets.
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  4. Underjackets with CE protection are a pretty good idea if the original jacket has a loose fit.

    You can add pockets for modern protectors, but then you'd have to get it taken in and then it's a case of whether it's actually worth putting money into an old jacket, with old leather and old stitching. Personally, I'd keep as is and if you want to use it, go with the above idea.