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Add another newbie to the list

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrJax, Jun 28, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I'm a new mid 20's rider from the Geelong area, Victoria, who has been riding about a month.

    Was avoiding posting an introduction thread but was told I should. So here it is... my pathetic intro!

  2. G'day Mushtip. Welcome to Netrider.
  3. There seems to be an invasion from Geelong. Welcome to the forummm
  4. What's pathetic about your intro, seemed OK to me??

    Welcome to the centre of the motorcycling universe.....
  5. Welcome to Nutrider!
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Another Geelong lad. Good to see. I'm a noob here as well.
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  8. Thanks guys

    I opened 2 or 3 other intros and saw their word count was higher than the amount of dumb questions I'll soon be asking. My single sentence didn't feel up to scratch
  9. You been down the GreatOcean Road yet Mushtip. If you dont know all of the top rides around geelong and the bellarine peninsula I can word you up.
  10. Nah I haven't been anywhere like that. The Great Ocean Road is definitely on the list but I have no idea about any other good spots to hit up
  11. Some of my favorite spots are out the back of Anakie towards Meredith, Mainly due to low to no traffic. Then if you are to have a crack at the GOR head out towards Winchelsea and and turn left out the other end of Winch towards Deans Marsh, some awesome roads out that way and some cool scenery if you take the time to look around or just keep your head down and enjoy the twisties. For the route back I usually go via Torquay.
  12. Thanks Gardz. Will have to suss those out when the weather gets a little better, cheers