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Adapter to allow me to lower the suspension.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by FTO, Aug 30, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, I have a gs500f, Just got it yesterday. Wanted to lower the suspension, but in order to lower the front 1, u need some adapter thing, for the front forks or something. I dunno wat its called. If u guys can Help me itl be very much appreciated.

  2. Not familiar with the gs500f, but usually the forks are slid up through the triple clamps...no adaptor needed.
    Lowering the rear can be done by using different links.

    Umm..but more importantly, why do you want to lower it, especially as you have only just got it?
  3. because i wanna be able to stand with both feet flat on the ground. Yea I took it to a mechanic I know, they don't know the name, but they told me I need something.
  4. they may be just talking about putting a smaller pre-load spacer in.

    How heavy are you? (I won't tell anyone)

    If you reduce pre-load too much you may start bottoming out the suspension, in which case you will need a stiffer spring. which of course means the bike sites higher (though probably less then original). so it's kind of a tail chasing exercise.

    If you are lighter your odds are better

    How much shorter are you going for?

    Lowering the back will produce more effective results.
  5. ahh k. Im bout 170 cm and weigh like 90kg. yea this part is frsutratin. I know what spacers are, they stiffen the suspension. Was gonna put them in after i lower the front. But the mechanic doesnt know how to explain the thing I need. He said its like some bracket thing, that allows me to lower the front. He knows how to lower the back. I jsut need to lower it a lil bit so both my feet are flat on the ground. GRRRRRR stupid UNKNOWN part
  6. OK..I can understand why you _think_ you need to put your both feet flat on the ground, but you don't need to. You need to learn to balance the bike, not hold it up. If you can stand with the both balls of your feet on the ground, I'd recommend not lowering it.
    You need to be very aware of the slope of the road, and surface (gravel/oil) where you stop though.

    I cannot get my heels on the ground on my bike, a 270kg tourer. I balance the bike, when it (and it has) overbalances I have to let it go down and just get my leg out of the way.

    I'm not saying don't lower it, but the bike will work better if you didn't.

  7. firstly spacers do not stiffen the suspension. This is a common misconception. They really only act as a ride height adjuster. So putting larger spacers in will in fact raise your suspension.

    Secondly the only way I can think of geometrically lowering the suspension would be offset tipple clamps (vertical offset). I've never seen anything like these.

    For you what I would do is lower the front about 10mm on the forks. If you run out of travel then go for stiffer springs, that are shorter then standard.

    after that I would be concentrating on the back.