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Adam Beechey

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by rc36, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. I was just watching "Speedweek" and there's this guy called Adam Beechey racing in the Commodore Cup. I wondered straight away if he was the legendary Norm Beechey's son and, when they interviewd him, he sure had a family resemblance.

    I've tried googling and it seems he comes from Tassie and is an ex-speedway driver but I can't find any reference as to whether he is the great man's son or not.

    Does anybody know?
  2. http://beecheys.com.au/
    He is attached to this family business in
    tassie so you can contact them and ask I suppose.
  3. Ta, I'll give them a call, but I can't believe he's not. He's the spitting image of the old man!
  4. then he probably is.
  5. A work mate of mine is friends with Adam Beecheys dad, have no idea what his first name is though because she always just calls him Beech. The family is into racing a fair bit, but I don't know if it's the same person you're thinking of. If you have a photo of Norm Beechey I could tell you if it was this Adam guys dad as I've met him a few times. I tried googling for a photo but couldn't find one. I can also ask my co-worker in the morning what "Beech's" first name is.
  6. This photo is the best that I can find.


    Norm on the right.
  7. That's not Adam Beecheys dad, so the name and motor racing must only be a coincidence.
  8. OK, mate. Thanks a lot.