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ACTRiders coffee in Gungahlin Wed nights

Discussion in 'Other States' at netrider.net.au started by dazzabee, Mar 5, 2011.

  1. A small group of riders in the ACT is now meeting up most Wednesday nights at the Central Cafe in Gungahlin 6pm-8pm for coffee/food and sometimes a quick spin. It's pretty casual and informal, all welcome.

    We do have a forum at http://actriders.org.au but it's pretty quiet being new.
  2. Nice!

    If im not working, i shall make a appearance.

    Joined the forum, just waiting on admin to activate my account.
  3. Out of interest, being new to the Canberra motorcycle scene, why did you choose to start ACTriders when Canberra riders is around? I signed up to Canberra riders a while ago in preparation for moving to the ACT. I will be sure to check out your website too now that I am aware of it.
  4. A few riders who wanted to try something different asked me to set up a forum knowing that I work with a group that does IT for a lot of non-profits. Setting up the forum was no big deal but I couldn't take on the actual operation of it (nor would I consider it appropriate) as we thought it would be best if it was run by the riders using it.

    It came together nicely and we had a good time at the start but most people decided that there was really no choice but to use CR if you wanted to chat with the bulk of riders in the ACT, so the forum is inactive for all practical purposes.

    We do get together for coffee in Gungahlin from time to time. Things might pick up after Winter again. All riders are welcome, we could care less if someone is a member of a forum or not. We just love to ride.

    If you do want to sign up on the forum you are more than welcome but there's not much point unless you are interesting in reading what's there. You may have to send me an email as well as signing up as it gets so many spam registrations that I don't watch it as carefully as I would if it was more active.
  5. I will see about getting out there but the cold is turning me off riding I an not as hardcore as many other riders
    Send animosity on this forum a pm he is my designer and lives in the area and may like to know as well
  6. Given the weather at the moment which is gale force winds, i doubt anyone will be meeting for coffee until things warm up a bit. That's December in Canberra. :) But the food at Central Cafe is nice and Cold Rock Ice Creamery is just down the street so not all is lost.