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ActiveSync is driving me crazy....

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Geek question, non-geeks are free to mock :LOL:.

    My HP-1950 PDA recently died, forcing me to take the step I was going to have to anyway, of transfering my scheduling stuff from it to my Samsung Omnia phone (Windows 6.1, ActiveSync compatible, blah blah blah).

    Nothing in my calendar is mission-critical; I use it to keep track of my bills, preaching appointments and anything that I have to remember that is these days falling all-too-easily out of my 60-year-old brain. And, I've been using ActiveSync between various PDAs and Outlook for years and years now, so my calendar travels across ok to the new device. Except this time.

    Yes, I have the latest version of ActiveSync. I also have it ONLY synching my calendar to the mobile phone; no emails, etc.

    But when I connect, it get an "Attention Required" and when I click on THAT this..


    is the result

    Now I've checked

    a. the calendar on the phone

    b. the calendar in Outlook, and

    c. the calendar in the Outlook Archive file

    but no such appointment exists (it's over 4 years old, for goodness sake!)

    Any takers with a solution, please?
  2. Cant specifically help you Paul but I have a new Ipac running WM6 and activesync was a nightmare to set up at work running through MS Exchange. It took a couple of minutes at home but about 5 days for the tech guys at work. It actually became a "competition" in the end. All fine now.

    I suggest your second line could be the culprit as Microsoft are godless. :LOL: :LOL:

    Try recreating the appointment.
  3. BAM!

    Beaten to it in the first post.
  4. mm re-create the appointment and then delete it... devious !!!

    Godless Microsoft's only suggestion is to re-install Outlook; easy for THEM to say :roll: :LOL:.
  5. are you running IE8??
  6. funnily enough, no :rofl:

    but even if I was, I think this is an Outlook issue, not a browser issue :LOL:.
  7. On the rare occasions when I have had it all go pair shaped with syncing I factory reset my PDA,

    So other than this offending item is everything else replicated to the computer? If so, blow the pda away and start fresh.
  8. I had similar problems wiht my older Ipaq when I tried to sync it to Vista for the first time. Making sure that all the patches were applied to Outlook helped.

    I have it on good authority that virgin sacrifices help when dealing with Microsoft but I somehow doubt that you'd consider that.

    (Besides - you live in Woolongong so suitable sacrifical material may be in short supply) :p

    If you were Catholic you could try a sprinking of holy water but you're probably better off just settling for a good old fashioned exorcism. :LOL:
  9. Ahhh the most misunderstood of ceremonies…
    There are two ways to sacrifice a Virgin.
    One is to sacrifice the Person.
    The Other is to sacrifice the Virginity…
  10. Either way, the comment about Woolongong stands. :?
  11. boom, and boom

    the old joke about why Jesus wasn't born in Wollongong certainly has credence..

    {God couldn't find three wise men and a virgin...}
  12. Well has everything else sync'd?

    If yes forget it and move on.

    If no, I'm no help.
  13. Well, as I noted, of all tha choices ActiveSync offers, I am only synching the calendar, so I don't know if oter modules are functioning properly or not

    the usual problem with A/S is that it doesn't work at all :LOL:
  15. sorry, I misunderstood

    YES, the other appointments ARE synched, and new one do too! The infuriating part is that the appointment in question doesn't exist anywhere :?.
  16. It obviously does exist somewhere, I don't use outlook so I don't know but can you export all you calendar out to an ics or something? delete your calendar sync it empty then reimport. I used to sort Palm Pilots and Notes and sometimes that was the only way out...
  17. Also, IIRC outlook will save deleted calendar notes in the deleted box. Maybe in there you will find the elusive note.
  18. thank you for the clues, I shall go searching for the miscreant....
  19. I have an iMac and an iPhone. I don't have those issues :p

    Serioulsy though, set it to ignore events that are older than 12 months and you won't have a problem.

    It's called Outlook for a reason, you are forever, Outlook-ing for way to get it to work. :p