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Activating Siri Hands-Free

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by graeme72, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. I dropped into an Apple store the other day and asked if it was possible to activate Siri on an iPhone without having to activate it with your hands. Basically if I'm riding along at 100 clicks I'd prefer not to take my hands of the bars in order to activate Siri before asking her directions or something.

    The apple techies said this isn't possible. There is currently no way to activate Siri without using your hands.

    I just wanted to check on this forum and see if that's true? Has anyone come across a way of doing this, without jailbreaking the phone? I know I can use Siri with bluetooth easy enough, but does it still always require using your finger to activate it first?

  2. That's the Apple way you live within their walled garden. I have only ever heard of it being done in a jailbroken iPhone, Sorry.
  3. It might depend on what you want to do. With a sena, you can answer calls without touching it, but a Sena is so easy to use, that it isn't an issue to touch the controls anyway. Only one button and one jog dial. I find it really easy to answer calls and control the music, but if I'm in a ticklish situation, I just wait until things have calmed down a bit.

    Making calls 'can' be a PITA, only bc Siri is a b1tch occasionally.
  4. So @Greydog@Greydog , can an iPhone make calls from the SENA, and can it play music, and you interrupt your music to make calls? My last phone could do this, but my samsung appears to be unable to do so. Maybe an iPhone upgrade could be coming...
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    As far as safety goes you are probably much safer taking 1 hand off the bars to activate siri than taking to siri. It's no harder than scratching your nose.

    I'm assuming your a new rider but may I suggest that to be a good enough rider to be able to afford the luxury of asking Siri if you need an umbrella today you should have well and truly mastered 1 hand riding.
  6. I agree, if you fear lifting a hand of the bars for second then other distractions such as gadgets probably isn't a good idea.
  7. I use an iPhone with my Sena SMH10 and I do exactly what you are asking all the time.

    Press SMH10 phone button "Shuffle playlists favourites" - starts playing music

    If a phone call comes in music stops 'You have a call from <callers name or number> answer or ignore?" give voice command or press smh10 phone button

    after the call is finished or i ignore it, music resumes.

    GPS wants to feed me information... Music stops, Audible alert from GPS, music resumes.
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  8. How would you active voice commands any other way than pressing a button? if you mean by voice then the phone would have to be listening to you all the time, analysing every sound for the potential its a voice command, you battery would be dead in 30mins.
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  9. it works perfectly with a Zumo and Sena SMHxx, once you've set up the three devices properly, the "voice dial" option appears in the phone screen on the Zumo.
    I'm not a fan of phoning and riding, but it has come in handy a few times.
  10. Thanks for the feedback guys, I can see now what I'll need, and yep will just have to be comfortable going one-handed for a second. Cheers
  11. I've been trying to figure this out too, on my Sena Smh10r its a 6 second press of the middle button to activate siri. You could try mounting one of these on your bars in easy reach, it would be great if someone made a dedicated motorcycle version though http://www.drivewithsiri.com
  12. The regular smh10 it's a single press of the phone button - less than a second.

    Interesting that the R version is so different. I guess you're sacrificing easy functionality for shape/flatness.
  13. Yep, you need to press a button to get Siri to activate. Scala headsets require one button press.

    As mentioned by others, if you are not comfortable taking your hand off the left bar for a couple of seconds, you may want to reconsider whether you use a headset at all, or need the distraction of music and/or phone calls when you are riding. By the sounds of it, I would recommend you NOT use your headset until you ARE comfortable with the bike, and can take that left hand off the bar - even if to do simple things like modify your visor angle, adjust a zipper on your jacket etc.
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  14. On the R version it only has 3 buttons (volume down - centre - volume up).
    • A brief press on the center button activates the intercom.
    • A longer press (~2 sec) triggers pause/play on your phone.
    • A still-longer press (~5 sec) activates voice control for your connected device (Siri).
    • A very long press (~10 sec) enters the configuration menu.
  15. Yes, the long press is similar for configuration modes. But for the regular SMH10:
    Press the phone button <1 sec activates Siri or answers/hangs up a call
    Press the jog dial <1sec either once, twice or three times to connect via intercom with friend 1, 2 or 3. Press once quickly to stop intercom.
    Press the jog dial ~2sec to start/stop music
    Press and twist jog dial to change songs.
    Twist jog dial to increase/decrease volume.
    Probably just takes getting used to any unit...
  16. My experience has been that sometimes the Sena interprets the button press as a DOUBLE press, which is redial, and there's no way to cancel the call, so the last person I called answers a call of me saying (with a bucket of wind noise) SORRY WRONG NUMBER.

    I've found that mounting the iPhone to the handlebars, then pressing and holding the home button for 2s is a more reliable way of activating Siri (and your hand is closer to the handlebars), though I've found that at 100km/h it takes a few tries and a lot of shouting to get even basic commands like "read new messages" to be interpreted correctly. Dropping down to 80km/h for a few moments makes it noticeably easier.
  17. I've never had that happen to me. I didn't even know it could do that.

    I hit the jog dial for a couple of seconds and it starts the music. I've already set the playlist to the one I want (it's the same one all the time), and it's set to shuffle anyway.
  18. Siri can be activated by voice if it is on charge. I have a small power pack that I use to charge it and give it better battery life. When plugged in all you have to do is say "hey Siri" and it activates

    Hope it helps
  19. No need to go over to the dark side. I have to suffer through an iPhone for work, whereas my personal choice is Android. My previous personal phone was a Samsung and all the SENA functionality worked fine.
    I must admit I rarely make or take calls when I am riding but it has come in handy. Music and GPS pause while the call is on and resume when the call ends.

    I will concede the iPhone seemed to connect via the bluetooth more quickly, but I'm not talking seconds quicker.
  20. I don't use my phone on the bike at all. Callers can leave me a message, I'm having fun! Can't imagine trying to take a customer call while out and about and enjoying twisties.